Club Carlson offering 9,000 bonus points per award stay

Well this definitely qualifies as one of the most interesting promotions I’ve ever seen. First Club Carlson offered 50,000 bonus points for making a one night stay at one of their Radisson locations in the US, and now they’re offering 9,000 bonus points for each award stay (excluding cash and points) that you make with them between December 1, 2011, and January 31, 2012. You can earn the bonus up to five times, and bonus points will be credited to your account by February 15. Registration is also required.

Now, Club Carlson’s category one hotels actually only cost 9,000 points per night, so if you have the points balance up front, this actually means you could get five free nights at one of their lower end hotels. Then again, I suspect most of you want to use the 50,000 points you earned through their promotion for a higher end hotel, in which case you’ll still get at least 9,000 points.

It’s a very interesting promotion, and I’m kind of curious about what their motive is here. Maybe to encourage people NOT to convert their points to miles but instead use them for hotel stays?


  1. This is a rather fantastic promotion and makes my “mattress run” for the 50K all the more worth it!

    Thanks Lucky

  2. Has anyone had their 50k post already? I booked and completed a stay on 11/13 and 11/14 and haven’t seen the points yet.

    I’d love to take advantage of the combo possibilities here but I guess I need to be patient.

  3. Great

    But the promotion page says at “Participating Properties”.

    Where can we find a list of “Participating Properties”?

  4. Anyone know if the first 50k registrations have been met? i’d hate to book a room and find out i only get 15k points

  5. I have enough points and live nearby a cat 1 Country Inn and Suites. All I need to do is book 5 stays and I should get all the points refunded, right? Why not sleep in their bed and get a free breakfast in the morning (and the newspaper)? The hotel is near the airport so that makes it an attractive place to stay the night before an early morning flight and after returning from a late arriving flight.

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