Reminder: changes to AAdvantage lifetime status program coming next week

Back in August American announced that they would be changing their million miler program as of December 1, 2011. Previously the program was unpublished and all miles earned counted towards million miler status, including miles earned through credit card spend, points transfers from other programs, etc.

So this post is just to remind y’all that the program changes next Thursday, just under a week from now. The good news is that it’s not to late to transfer points from Starwood. Starwood points transfers to American AAdvantage typically post on Wednesdays (which would be the 30th), assuming the transfer is requested by that Monday, in my experience. So if you transfer points from Starwood today or over the weekend, the miles should still count towards million miler status.

Good luck to those of you trying to reach the next million mile threshold!


  1. I do not see an advantage to transfering miles to be lifetime gold. I have 700k and need 300k or 240 starwood to make the 1 Million. I am now AA gold and with megado will be plat till 2013. So is it worth it just for that ? I will need to start from 0 anyway to get to executive platinum after 2013 where the real benefits pay off. I do have miles already in american to use for two great trips. Maybe you can outline the pros and cons for everyone or at least for me. Thanks

  2. @ ashley — I actually tend to agree with you and think that many people overvalue lifetime elite status. Nonetheless I understand why it’s useful to some, and especially those that wouldn’t otherwise have status, given the priority check-in, security lines, boarding, mileage bonus, exit row seating, discounted upgrades, etc. That being said, if one is close to earning million miler I still think it’s worth going for. But I wouldn’t go to the extreme lengths some are going to lock in million miler status.

    As someone that usually only flies an airline as a top tier elite, I see very little incentive in going out of my way to go for million miler, since it gets me no additional benefits.

  3. Lucky,

    I need 180k to reach gold. As I understand it, AA unlike UA, doesnt give unlimited free upgrades to their lowest tier – so is it worth spending the Starwood points for a free bag when I fly AA? If you tell me it’s worth it I’d consider it

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