HUGE savings at Kohls using Ultimate Rewards mall/other promotions

This is only mildly miles/points related, though I’m downright floored by how good this promotion is to the point that I have to share it.

Y’all provided excellent suggestions last night for how I can maximize my Black Friday new home shopping, and so far I’ve done a darn good job, if I may say so myself. I’ve spent a ton of money over the past few hours, though I’ve earned 25,000 Ultimate Rewards points too, which slightly eases the pain.

Anyway, Kohls is running three promotions simultaneously, all of which can be “stacked,” to make this a truly unbeatable deal.

I was about to purchase the Keurig Special Edition Brewing System from Best Buy for $149.99 plus tax, for a total of $160.49. I would earn 11 points per dollar through the Ultimate Rewards mall thanks to the bonus points they were offering at Best Buy on Black Friday. An hour before I was planning on making the purchase reader Ben emailed me to alert me of how much cheaper it would be through Kohls.

Kohls is selling the same coffee brewer for $134.99 plus tax. They’re also offering 11 points per dollar through the Ultimate Rewards mall, so in and of itself that’s a savings of over $15. But that’s not all. There’s a promotion code for 20% off anything at Kohls, which is CON20HH4. That brought the cost down to $107.99 plus tax. But through Sunday Kohls is also offering $15 worth of Kohls Cash for every $50 spent, though it can only be redeemed starting November 28. Still, I earned an extra $30 worth of Kohls Cash for that purchase.

So in the end I paid $115.55 including tax and shipping for my Keurig system. In addition to that I get $30 Kohls cash (which I value at close to face value because I’m in the process of moving and need to buy a bunch of stuff) and nearly 1,300 Ultimate Rewards points, which I value at $26. So that coffee maker that usually goes for $160 ended up “costing” me about $60.

Anyway, the reason I mention this is because you can get well over 50% off anything at Kohls, assuming you value Ultimate Rewards points at a reasonable amount. Take the retail price and deduct 20% using the coupon code above, plus 30% (or whatever percentage of face value you value Kohls Cash at), plus 22% (for the 11 points per dollar you earn through the Ultimate Rewards mall).

Admittedly not everyone’s valuations of the above three “discounts” will be quite as high, but regardless we’re talking about some serious savings.

You’ve gotta love that you can save more by staying home on Black Friday than by going out into the chaos.


  1. When you first mentioned the “Special Edition Brewing System” I thought of some different than coffee 😀

  2. I also recommend you keep Bed Bath & Beyond in mind when shopping for household items. They send out many save 20 percent or $10 off $30 coupons in the mail, and they offer a friendly return policy like Costco’s with no time limit on returns, so you can shop with confidence there. Nordstrom’s also offers a no time limit return or exchange policy, and there are good deals to be found during their anniversary and half yearly sales. They do carry the Westin Heavenly bed which is the same as the W pillow top bed, and they discount it during their summer sale. Happy shopping.

  3. Let me prface my comments by saying I have a Sapphire card and get the Ultimate Rewards points, but I think you are chasing points and missing a bigger opportunity! Today only Ebates ( is raising their cash back on Kohls from the normal 2% to 10%. Add on top of that a cash back card (Amex blue or a number of others) and you are looking at 11-13% cash back on your purchases! Since I use ebates with my sapphire card to book my SPG hotels and Avis, my cash back is several hundred dollars every check. This entire year I’ve received a little over $850 from Ebates, plus the cash back from my credit card. The UR points are nice, but how can you argue against cash?

  4. Forgot to mention, you get $1.00 back on every American airline booking, Intercontinental is 13% cash back, SPG is 3%. Its crazy!!!

  5. with kohls, if you also have chase freedom, you can actually get 20 points per dollar

    10 for the UW portal
    5 for chase freedom for department store for 3rd quarter (make sure you register in advance)
    5 bonus for kohls specific on freedom card

  6. The web site states “Free shipping for orders over $50” but it also states “No Promo Codes with free shipping”. So did you try to obtain both? This was shown on the main page once I got to Kohls from URs.

  7. @ Paul — There’s no doubt ebates has some amazing deals, though let me try to justify my preference for Ultimate Rewards in this case. I would buy (and have bought) US Airways miles all day long at 1.5 cents each. It’s a spectacular deal, and I’m willing to pay for that in cash anytime. I consider Continental miles to be more valuable, so at a minimum they’re worth the equivalent of 15% cash back, in my opinion. But 10% cash back is amazing, don’t get me wrong.

    @ rich — That threw me off for a while too. The wording on it couldn’t be any worse. They’re trying to say that no promo code is required in order to get free shipping, and that it’s automatic.

  8. Actually, no matter how many times I tried to use cyber20 (upper case/lower case/etc.) it wouldn’t work for me. I was going to use the gobble15 (15% off) then I googled “kohls promo codes) and found another one for 20% off that work and used it instead.

    Yeah I did see the shipping is free. With the low prices today + 20% + free shipping + the $15 gift cards, it is a great place to shop if you need stuff (I’m moving into a new place next week so I need some odds/ends).


  9. Thats a great deal for the maker! I have the same version. There does seem to be a kink in it from time to time where the LCD screen will say “prime” Simply remove the water reservoir and put it back on, always fixes the “issue”

    I tend to buy my coffees from, as they seem to be cheaper. Green Mountain Coffee online usually has deals too.

  10. @Larry Keep an eye for office depot. They offered 100 percent worklife rewards about a month ago for the cups, effectively making them free!

  11. Thanks for the tip. Just bought one. 20% code works great. Came to $116 minus $30 for the coupons…. Always wanted to buy one.

  12. What do you make of this condition:

    “Not eligible on Kohl’s credit card sales made with coupon codes that are higher than 15%.”

  13. @ flyer — That only refers to those using the Kohls credit card, so nothing you have to worry about otherwise.

  14. In case you were thinking of ever getting a slingbox, it’s (or was) on sale at Best Buy. Living abroad it’s well worth the $100–or less, in this case.

  15. Lucky, just be aware that Kohl’s Cash can only be spent at the full price of an item, not the discounted price. Virtually all of their items have 2 prices. The Kohl’s Cash only applies to the higher price. It’s still very worthwhile, but $30 in Kohl’s Cash won’t get you as much as $30 cash will. I value a Kohl’s dollar at about $0.50-.60.

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