Priority Club posts new Point Breaks list (through January 31, 2012)

Priority Club has just posted their latest Point Breaks list, which is valid for stays through January 31, 2012. Through Point Breaks you can book select hotels for only 5,000 points per night, which is a real bargain given that those points are worth only about $30.

The program has no doubt been watered down substantially over the past year, though there are some pretty decent hotels on the list, including my favorite airport hotel in the world, the InterContinental Chicago O’Hare.

While the actual hotels haven’t updated their pricing yet, it should happen shortly. If any of the hotels interest you be sure to book as soon as they open up, as the good ones tend to disappear quickly.


  1. Africa

    There are no properties available at this time

    Middle East

    There are no properties available at this time


    Ah well…. So much for that excitement.

  2. is there any way to obtain priority points outside of staying at the hotels or having their credit card?

  3. Of all the places you’ve been, the Intercontinental Chicago is your favorite hotel in the world? What? More than the Aman hotels??

  4. thanks. that is very interesting. any idea how to upgrade from a standard room? looking at bora bora, and it seems that one can only book the lowest category room with points. and i don’t see an option to use more points for one of the over the water bungalows.

  5. @ ekartash — Technically you can’t upgrade award stays, and unfortunately elite benefits don’t apply on award stays at Priority Club properties. That being said, if you email the hotel directly you can often work out an upgrade for cash which will prove to be very reasonable. The InterContinental Bora Bora seems to have especially reasonable “buy up” prices.

  6. FYI, the list isn’t showing as updated yet through Jan. 31. It is still showing the old hotels list good through Nov. 30. Checked on NA and SA.

  7. I grabbed 5K nights in Shanghai and Hanoi for an upcoming trip. Unfortunately, rooms in Hanoi are normally so cheap (in dollars) that it isn’t much of a savings.

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