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By popular demand I’ve gone ahead and added an email subscription list to the blog, whereby you can get a single email daily containing all of my blog posts for the day (if there’s no blog post that day there won’t be an email). You can subscribe on the right side of the blog right under the current poll question.

And to clarify, when I say by “popular demand” I mean I received a single comment from a reader in the “Ask Lucky” section of the blog. I can’t ignore half of my readership!

If y’all have any other suggestions by all means let me know.


  1. @ Ken — Absolutely not. As a matter of fact, I don’t even have access to the list so I don’t even know how many people are on it (or who’s on it, for that matter). It’s run by Feedburner.

  2. I don’t mean to complicate your life any further, but an instant e-mail for each post option would be great too.

  3. Stuart raises a good point. An RSS feed is, as far as I see it, a lot better.

    – Instant updates, and you’re free to choose when to read it — so you can mimic the daily posts thing, or as Antonio requests, instant updates.
    – It won’t clog up your inbox
    – You can read the entire post in your RSS reader, whether it be Google Reader, Times or something completely different, also on the go on in a much more suitable format.

    – Can’t really see any.

  4. It’s amazing to me that anyone actually reads blogs by GOING TO THE BLOG. Google Reader is so much easier.

  5. You mean subscribe don’t you ;P (check the title).

    Says the other 50% of your readership.

    P.S. Finish uploading the trip report already! >:(

  6. Thanks for the idea, folks, I’ll get working on adding a link to an RSS feed.

    @ hobo13 — So how are you leaving this comment? 😀

    @ Justin — Whoops, thanks for the heads up. And promise I’m working on the trip report. Has been a crazy couple of weeks, so my apologies!

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