US Airways Club membership sale through November 18, 2011!

Through November 18, US Airways is offering a discount on membership in their US Airways Club. Those that use promotion code CLB30 will get the $50 initiation fee waived, plus bring down the cost of an annual membership to only $325. Furthermore, if you use that promotion code you’ll earn 3,000 elite qualifying miles.

The annual membership fee is usually $450 ($375 for Silver/Gold/Platinum members and $325 for Chairmans Preferred members), so this is a substantial discount. Keep in mind that US Airways participates in Priority Pass and American Express Platinum, though the key benefit here is that this will get you into the United Club as well.

United charges anywhere from $375 to $475 for a United Club membership, so this is a way of getting a minimum of a $50 discount.

If you’re in the market for a membership, I’d say this is a good enough offer to join.


  1. Lucky, do you ever buy membership to US Airways Club, United Club, or any other club for your domestic flying? Why or why not?

  2. My RCC is due for renewal, but I am struggling to see the benefits any more. The lounges are so damn depressing and ‘beige’ that I often feel like I am sat in a nursing home! ORD work desks are falling apart, power outlets dont work and the wifi access quality in airports like SFO, ORD, EWR and epecially DEN is just appalling. Out of LHR the shared lounge with SkyTeam is always packed, sometimes nowhere to sit, and none of these lounge designers have ever visited a VAA Club House!

    Even with the $50 discount its hard to spend this amount again.

  3. @ Dax — Unfortunately you’re spot on. The only reason I care about being in a club is for the wifi, given that I’d be paying for it at most other airports. The lounges aren’t really “quiet” anymore, and there’s no food to speak of (and I don’t drink). But just having a place with wifi is worth something to me.

  4. @ Antonio — Absolutely, Star Alliance Gold status with any airline gets you lounge access when traveling on any Star Alliance flight. The only exception is if you’re a Star Gold with Continental, United, or US Airways, in which case you only get lounge access when traveling on non-US domestic flights.

  5. Glorious! I guess I won’t be getting that Presidential Plus CC after all! Yay for UAL to KLM to LH status match!

  6. Is this targeted? Some are saying you need to sign up for “News and Offers” on your US account, which I wasn’t.

    Hesitant to purchase club membership without seeing discounted price first.

  7. We all know that chances are good that BD will no longer be a Star Alliance member sometime in 2012, so what is your plan B?

    I am in the same position and I am not sure if I should give A3/AC a good look or just pay for a lounge membership.

  8. I gave up on the RCC membership and won’t get into this deal either. The lounges are just not worth the money. I already have a Verizon 4g hotspot with me and decided to rather spend the money at a decent restaurant or (the horror) sit at a quiet gate and just get some work done.

  9. Do Gold Preferred members get $125 off, or is the price set at $325 with this code irrespective of the status?

  10. @ zakon — It would appear as if the price is set at $325, so Silver/Gold/Platinum members get only a $50 discount, and Chairman’s Preferred don’t get a discount.

  11. In for one, though have to admit the fact that it doesn’t confirm exactly how much your credit card will be charged was a little sketchy.

  12. ahh, great news. i have the $75 off new membership from the barclays card, hopefully this will stack with the $50 off, and then the amex plat $200 would cover the rest!

  13. I bought a US lounge membership last year for $249, which was a sale that was run DURING the Grand Slam promotion. Add me to the list of folks who didn’t think it was worth the money. I got my renewal notice – first for full fare, then for a discounted rate, etc. I thought they would eventually make it all the way back down to $249, at which point I would have a dilemma. They never did. I don’t.

    I figure I got about 25 stops in for $249, so I would call it $10/per. The best value that I saw was during IRROPS having an agent equipped to help me on the spot. It happened once, so I don’t know how much I would value that particular interaction.

    I didn’t see value at $249, so I guess I’ll pass on the $325.

  14. Just an FYI, I got the same email, with the same promo code, but it’s telling me my cost is $350. I’m not an elite member so perhaps they discounted it $25 more for those with status?

    “Enroll today and we’ll waive the $50 initiation fee, and you’ll pay only $350. “

  15. Yeah, I just got the mail with the receipt. It came out to $350 with the code. Still not a bad deal though, and less than I’d have paid to United.

  16. I tried out using my Lufthansa Senator card on a trip this last weekend for United and US Airways lounge access. Worked like a charm! Thanks for the tip. This will do until it expires in 2/13. After that, I’ll have to find something else. Lucky, how do you maintain BMI Gold?

  17. @Antonio: I asked Lucky that once before and I’m sure he can chime in, but he told me (if my memory is correct) that he just credits his EQMs over what he needs to maintain 1k on United to either Aeroplan or BMI (BMI to get the status, Aeroplan to use their reward program but probably not so much anymore). So if you are going to fly 100,000+ miles in a year, you can credit the surplus over 100,000 to BMI and if you get enough for their Gold Status then you can use US lounge access. I guess the other option is to only credit 50,000 EQMs to United or some star alliance partner and credit the rest (or whatever you do need) for BMI Gold to get lounge access. Personally 1k is worth more to me than lounge access.

    As another data point, got my receipt too nad it was $350 (- $200 from amex plat). Not terrible…but I was a little miffed I didn’t get $325 rate. Wonder if it pays to call or email and ask.

  18. Yeah, for those of us who barely make 50k, 75k, or 100k, that’s not much of an option. I guess I’ll just have to get lucky with status matching again sometime in the future.

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