Spend $200 on Mastercard online, get $20 gift card

Mastercard is offering US residents that register with a Mastercard a $20 gift card if they spend $200 online using their card before the end of the year. Supposedly once you complete the spending you’ll receive an email explaining how to get your gift card. The offer is only open to the first 80,000 people that register, complete qualifying transactions, and submit the form, so it seems like you won’t know if you qualify until after you complete the spending.

And sadly enough it just occurred to me that I no longer have a Mastercard…

(Tip of the hat to Gary)


  1. I keep one of each flavor of card (Well, not Discover) in order to be able to take advantage of promos that require use of a specific card, e.g. Hyatt’s FFNs used to require payment with a Mastercard.

  2. Per the T&C, it appears that it’s not the first 80,000 people to register who qualify for the gift card, but the first 80,000 people who (1) register, (2) spend $200, and (3) complete and return a redemption form. Someone could be one of the first to register, but still not get a gift card if 80,000 later registrants meet the spend threshold more quickly.

  3. I still have an old Fidelity 529 2% cash back card and just registered it. Nice deal but the T&C’s are a little tricky with the first 80000 to spend the money.

  4. @ German Expat — Maybe I’m overly optimistic, but 80,000 is a big number, especially for a promo as complicated as this. I’d be surprised if they even get 80,000 people to complete the promotion. It’s similar to the Radisson deal for 50,000 points, where some people stayed up till after midnight thinking it would be sold out within a few minutes. Instead the promotion is still open, as they haven’t reached the cap.

    I wouldn’t put this in the same category as the Fedex $25 gift card giveaway, given how complex this is.

    Just my two cents, though, and I sure could be wrong.

  5. @ bmvaughn — Hah, indeed. Then again with how complicated this promo is, not sure it’s even worthwhile.

  6. it’s a 10% rebate on $200 of online spend, if you HAVE a Mastercard it’s worth it since of course you still get points from whatever program that card is tied to AND any points from going through a shopping portal.

  7. So I totally signed up for this with a MC that earns 2% cash back BUT I don’t know how much online I have spent… any way to check that? I stick to a budget but if I’m close… I could hurry and buy something to get the $20! 🙂


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