My top three travel credit cards

I will tell ya, there are three travel credit cards that I highly recommend — the American Express Premier Rewards Gold card, the Starwood American Express, and the, uh, uhm, uh, what’s the third one, let’s see?

What Gary, there’s five? The American Express Premier Rewards Gold card, the Starwood American Express, and the, uh, uhm, uh, uhm.

That’s right Brian, the Gold Delta SkyMiles credit card, thanks, there ya go.

Wait, no, that’s not what I was talking about. It’s the three best travel credit cards, I mean, the Gold Delta SkyMiles card needs new benefits, but the three cards I would recommend are the uh uhm uh American Express Premier Rewards Gold card, the uh uhm uh Starwood American Express, and the uh uhm let’s see… I can’t.


Can anyone help me out?

Shoot, there goes my blogging career…


  1. American Express Platinum – because you get the lounge access & waived Global Entry fee.

    Then since some places only take Visa/Mastercard, you need a good rewards card that isn’t AmEx.

  2. Im going to have to say the Chase Sapphire Preferred card, love being able to transfer to a much of partners. Oh, and I love the Rick Perry reference :-).

  3. Haha…nice. I thought you’d gone insane for a minute there, but then I realized what you were referencing.

  4. Thanks, Ben, this is awesome. I didn’t get it until the end but now I’m laughing out loud while I sit on a delayed US flight.

  5. Wow, this would have been lame 2 days ago…

    Ummm I come here for travel advice, not political satire. Maybe you should stick to that

  6. Instead of bickering with or picking at other bloggers, who don’t you focus on posting your own good, original content? You don’t make me gain any respect for your blog over other’s with this type of stuff.

  7. To those of you that get it — thanks.

    To those of you that don’t get it — see here:

    To those of you that don’t think it’s funny — sorry!

    To those of you that I’m picking on other bloggers — couldn’t be further from the truth. *I’m* the one claiming to be the idiot!

  8. Ignore the haters. Maybe the whole credit card back and forth was getting a tad tedious but I spit out my coffee when I read this.

  9. In all honesty it seemed as though Gary was trying a little too hard in his recent posts.

    There is a way to disagree without being disagreeable.

    I think Gary eventually realized he was being a bit pushy with his opinion when he then “busted a rhyme” in his follow up post. You guys are both the best travel bloggers out there. I thought you handled the difference in opinion well.

  10. Perry blanked on Dept of Energy the group that runs our nuclear program. Yeah… let’s get rid of those guys. Texas may want a recall vote of their own.

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