Register tonight for 50,000 Club Carlson point promotion!

Last week I posted about Club Carlson’s promotion whereby they were offering the first 50,000 people that registered and stayed at a Radisson hotel between November 10 and December 30 50,000 bonus points.

Well, registration opens tonight at 12AM EST on this page.

If you don’t already have a Club Carlson account you’ll want to sign up now. If you sign up through this link you’ll even earn 2,000 bonus points after your first stay within the next 90 days, in addition to the 50,000 points you’ll earn through this promotion.

I’ve gotta be honest, I don’t see the demand for this promotion being all that high. I’m sure they’ll get 50,000 people to register, though I highly doubt it will be one of those promotions where all the slots are filled within 30 seconds.

Instead I suspect you’ll still be able to register tomorrow morning, though who knows…

I’ll probably register, though I doubt I’ll actually take advantage of the promotion.

Good luck, and let me know how it goes!


  1. Not sure why Radisson doesn’t get much love, I have rarely stayed in them but they have some excellent hotels around the world. The setting among villas and gardens of the old Kadoorie estate of the Radisson Blu Plaza Xing Guo in Shanghai made it one of my favorites for a stroll when living in Shanghai.

    If it were a SPG promotion there probably would have been people rappelling into their headquarters to get first crack at their servers.

    Me, the Mrs, and my parents all registered, would be nice to get official email confirmations since the Club Carlson account pages do not list promotions.

  2. Do anyone have any promo code for LAX Radisson? I hope to get $70 per night but right now I can only find $96 per night.

  3. I registered both my wife and myself this morning. Is there anyway of determining if you were one of the first 50,000? If I only get 15,000 pts, it is hardly worth it to me.

  4. Sam, I got $69.50 all-in for a property in Dallas for late December. (I live in Houston.) I had to pre-pay however to get that.

  5. The countdown clock was working until about an hour before 12MN Eastern time, then it went to all zeroes. My guess is that their web people knew they would not be able to do the changeover at exactly exactly the stroke of midnight, so they shut down the visible clock.

    I was not able to register until 2 minutes after MN.

  6. I actually passed out with the site opened, next ot my laptop 5 minutes before midnight! >_< I woke up an hour later to register. It did not say if I was the first 50,000. How do I find out? I have a stay this weekend coming up… but would switch the hotel if I am not getting the 50K points.

  7. Just called. The phone agent could not have been more pleasant. She said that as of right now (11am ET), the 50,000 cap has NOT been reached.

  8. Just want to make sure, its the first 50,000 who register and not the first 50,000 who register and stay right? my res is not until the end of the month

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