Purchase five SkyClub passes for $99 through December 31, 2011

Per Points, Miles & Martinis, Delta is selling five one-day passes for $99, or just under $20 each. They are only available in person at any SkyClub through December 31, 2011. Just reference promotion code 970211 when making the purchase.

That’s a really spectacular deal for anyone that thinks they might have a use for a SkyClub pass, given that this is a 60% discount. While there are plenty of ways to access SkyClubs (like the American Express Platinum card), having a day pass will allow you access to the SkyClub even if you’re flying on another airline.


  1. Will this work for clubs in Houston, TX?

    I’ve got two layovers over the next week but no status anywhere, and I just canceled my Amex Platinum and lost my Priority Pass Select … am wondering how to score lounge access while there. Thanks in advance!

  2. Great. As if the DL SC’s weren’t already packed enough with hordes of booze-swilling kettles. Sigh….

  3. @ Ravi — In theory it would, though as far as I can tell they don’t have a SkyClub in Houston.

    @ emily — American Express Platinum only gets you access with a same day Delta ticket.

  4. Hmmm. Flying DL tomorrow and have to use my $200 Plat credit somehow. Looks like I’ll be buying some passes.

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