1. For LAX-CDG, do you often see availability for Air Tahiti Nui using Skymiles? Reason I ask is because all the AF departures arrive too late for some onward connections the same day to India. I’d go through AMS, but DL operates the onward flights and it can be tough to find low level J tickets.

  2. @ SC @ Gene — Will keep that in mind for a future post, thanks!

    @ AK — Availability is okay, not great. They usually only release one seat per flight, sometimes two. That being said, while the flight might work for connections, I wouldn’t necessarily want to fly on Air Tahiti Nui if I didn’t have to, at least in terms of the comfort of their seats.

    @ SFOtoORD — Whoops, typo, thanks.

  3. Hi Lucky – your article says it’s literally impossible to get Swiss first class award tickets from New York to Zurich. Does Swiss ever open up some of these seats at the last minute, and if so, about how long before the flight – 1 week, 2 days, or … ?

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