Confirmed: Hyatt now offering 50% bonus on Diamond amenity if points don’t post automatically

A couple of days ago I posted about anecdotal evidence on FlyerTalk suggesting that Hyatt is offering a 50% bonus on the Diamond welcome amenity if it doesn’t post to your Gold Passport account automatically after a stay. Well, it’s now official, as it has been confirmed by Jeff Zidell in this FlyerTalk post:

Dear FlyerTalkers,

I just wanted to quickly chime in here.

We realize that our success rate at automatically posting the points for the Diamond Welcome Amenity has been less than perfect, and I was very passionate about correcting this.

Obviously, our goal is to post 100% of these points automatically; however, if we fail to do so, then you will now receive a 50% bonus for all Diamond Welcome Amenity points that are manually posted by a Customer Service Representative.

This means that you will receive a total of 750 points (500 plus a 250 bonus) at Hyatt Place, Hyatt Summerfield Suites and Hotel Sierra and a total of 1,500points (1,000 plus a 500 bonus) at all other Hyatt brands for all manually posted Welcome Amenity points through all channels of communication with Customer Service. The policy is only applicable to hotels in the US, Canada and the Caribbean, as we only offer a points amenity option in those regions.

We hope you appreciate this change, and please keep the ideas and suggestions coming.

Safe travels,


Classy! Now where’s Faster Free Nights (yes, I’m kidding… kind of!)? 😉


  1. fantastic — just called in and they confirmed it’s now the policy. Changed my 1,000 points that were added on Wednesday to 1,500 points.

  2. It’s funny how their solution to Welcome Amenities not posting was to offer a 50% bonus if they don’t post, while their solution to Gx bonuses not posting was to just get rid of them.

    It seems pretty obvious that they were looking for a reason to get rid of Gx bonuses, and used this as an excuse. I think it’s time that you and Gary call them on it!

  3. One of my absolute pet peeves with Hyatt is points not posting correctly. I know that they are really good about posting them when you call – but, really, you shouldn’t have to call. Marriott points post correctly. Other chains points post correctly. It’s just Hyatt. When I last called about this issue, the rep told me that they would be rolling out something “soon” that would hopefully alleviate this issue. It appears as though this is what she was talking about.

    It’s a step in the right direction. But, an extra 500 points doesn’t solve the broken system. Hopefully, there is some incentive on the hotel side to get it done correctly.

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