United offering double miles on Chicago to Los Angeles/Orange County/San Francisco through January 31, 2012

Last week American announced double elite qualifying and redeemable miles between Chicago/Dallas and Los Angeles/San Francisco through March 31, 2012.

The first question for a lot of people was whether or not United would match. As is usually the case they are matching, though with a few more asterisks.

United will be offering double elite qualifying and redeemable miles between Chicago and Los Angeles/Orange County/San Francisco for tickets booked and flown between November 3, 2011, and January 31, 2012. As is the case with the American promotion, this is only valid for those with Mileage Plus addresses in California/Illinois.

The promotion is only valid for tickets booked in at least the “W” fare class.

While it’s probably not worth mileage running just for this promotion, it’s a good deal if you’re already flying between the two cities, and it might even be worth “upfaring” to a higher fare class in some instances to take advantage of this promotion.

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  1. Should we just permanently ‘move’ to Illinois or CA? Seems like all the DEQM’s are targeted at these states.

    This clearly shows that United and American are run by Democrats. When do Red States get a little love??? 🙂

  2. @ WLN — Unfortunately unless it’s “naturally” the lowest fare, there’s no way to force it on the website.

  3. Can you force a W fare by using the CO website?

    What are the policies and implications of changing your MP address? Does it impact the address used to validate credit cards?

  4. you can force a W fare on .bomb by selecting a Region 2 Systemwide in the upgrade dropdown. it doesn’t force you to use (or have) an SWU, but it will price a W min fare class.

  5. @ Carl — It shouldn’t impact the validation of your credit card. I don’t think there are any implications other than that they can technically ask for verification of your address. So there’s not really any downside.

    @ tricoastal — True, though I find the issue with that to be that they only display very few flights with W space, typically only the flights where W is already the lowest available fare bucket.

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