Hyatt now offering 50% bonus on Diamond amenity if points don’t post automatically?

As a Hyatt Diamond you get a welcome amenity whenever you stay at a Hyatt property. For properties in the US, you have the choice between the amenity and points, so most points savvy people go with the points over the amenity. At “full service” hotels the amenity is 1,000 points, while at Hyatt Place/Summerfield Suites hotels the amenity is 500 points.

One frustration for many with these amenities is that they rarely post automatically, so you usually have to call Gold Passport customer service to have the points manually issued. Well, according to this FlyerTalk thread, Gold Passport is now offering a 50% bonus when the amenity doesn’t post automatically — that means at Hyatt Place hotels you get 750 points if the amenity doesn’t post automatically, while at full service Hyatt hotels you get 1,500 points if the amenity doesn’t post automatically.

Hey, kudos to Hyatt for this! Suddenly we’ll go from dreading when our points don’t post automatically to hoping they won’t post! šŸ˜€


  1. Just called to get a missing credit posted and was only given the 1,000 points I am due for the amenity. No soup for me!

  2. I’m in the same situation as @scott above – Diamond 1K points from my stay last weekend did not post automatically (but the 2,500 for the lounge being closed did, oddly enough!). Should I wait a few days to call so that this new bonus becomes fully embedded and I don’t miss out? Thx.

  3. @ Jack — Whoops, typo fixed, thanks!

    @ theBOAT — In your shoes I would wait a few days and monitor the thread. At least it certainly can’t hurt. Though maybe whether or not they credit the offer is based on when the stay was. The way I read Scott’s post above is that his entire stay didn’t post, so maybe they only issue the points if only the amenity doesn’t post, as opposed to the entire stay.

  4. I got 1500 for my stay from last week where they missed my Diamond bonus – didn’t know about the change and thought the extra 500 were a mistake. Since others aren’t getting it I guess they are inconsistently giving us more points for being inconsistent – irony!

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