Discount or bonus MQMs on new/renewed SkyClub membership through December 31, 2011!

Through the end of the year, Delta is running a promotion on new SkyClub enrollments and renewals. New members will have the $50 initiation fee waived, and new and renewing members can choose between 1,500 bonus Medallion Qualifying Miles (promotion code HPMQM) and two extra months of membership at no additional cost (HP2MF). Unless you’re really in a bind the latter is probably a better option.

The annual membership rates are as follows:

Then again, if you want access to the SkyClub you’re probably best off getting an American Express Platinum card and paying the $450 annual fee, and enjoying the other benefits as well, like a $200 airline fee waiver, Global Entry fee waiver, etc. They are presently offering 50,000 Membership Rewards points for the card which is a fairly good sign-up given that they’re no longer “bumping the bonus” for people (I get no commission on the above link, FYI).

(Tip of the hat to James)


  1. As a PM or DM, if you choose the 1,500 MQM over what is effectively a $50 discount, you are buying MQMs at 3.33 cpm. I think that is a good deal, especially since you can roll them over to 2012 if needed.

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