1. You’re apparently not including the pretty steep co-pays for BA miles (also deceicingly called “fuel” surcharges). There’s a HUGE difference on the value of a mile if on one airline an award can be had for 120,000 miles and ~$100 in taxes and fees, while on BA the same routing is the same 120,000 miles but $1,021.30 in (airline-pocketed) surcharges, taxes and fees!

  2. @ Stop the “fuel” surcharge scam — I was factoring in the cost of fuel surcharges. There are no fuel surcharges for redemptions on LAN or American to South America, and the fuel surcharges to Asia on Cathay Pacific are mild, given the value you can get. So I think my valuation was fair with fuel surcharges in mind, though certainly it could change after November 16 when they release the new award.

    @ oleg — I’ll save that for a future post.

  3. In the stock market, the current price reflects all known information (and assumptions).

    Apply this to your analysis, I think you should add a second valuation for BA that reflects what is generally assumed to be true of the new award chart. Just state your assumptions and make a best guess.

  4. @ hobo13 — And how’s the stock market looking nowadays? 😉

    I prefer not to speculate too much beyond what I already have.

    That being said, at this point I find the future value of BA miles to not be relevant. Those redeeming their miles before November 16 can still get excellent value out of them, so I don’t think it’s fair to lower my valuation of those miles just yet.

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