American offering double miles on Chicago/Dallas to Los Angeles/San Francisco

American has just announced double elite qualifying and redeemable miles for nonstop travel between Chicago/Dallas and Los Angeles/San Francisco for trips booked and flown between October 27, 2011 and March 31, 2012. The offer is only valid for AAdvantage members with addresses in California, Illinois, and Texas.

Roundtrip travel is required, though it doesn’t have to be between the above cities. In other words, I could fly Tampa to Los Angeles via Chicago both ways and earn double elite qualifying and redeemable miles between Chicago and Los Angeles (assuming I had an address in one of the above states).

The bonus miles will post to eligible accounts 6-8 weeks after travel.

Registration is required using promotion code DEQ11 here.

This is the second time this year that American is offering this exact promotion, so I’m guessing they’re feeling the heat from Virgin America (or at least want to remind them who’s boss).


  1. @ carwag25 — Unfortunately it’s only for travel booked starting today, so I suspect most won’t qualify, but still good material!

  2. So… long until UA matches? I’m 20K short of 1P (or whatever it’s going to be called). 3 round trips and I’m there!

  3. It says that the bonus EQMs take up 6-8 weeks to post. If I flew DFW-SFO then on December 25th and the bonus miles didn’t post until 2012–would they count towards 2011 or 2012? (Hopefully that makes sense!)

  4. If someone has a second home in Texas or California and changes his/her AAdvantage address to the second home address, would that work? Just a theoretical question, of course.

  5. @ Glenn — The elite qualifying miles would still count towards 2011 elite status (though retroactively).

  6. I wonder if this means Virgin is actually doing well on these routes and AA feels (a little) threatened, or if Virgin is on the ropes and AA is trying to deliver the death blow?

  7. Would you be able to pay the ticket change fee for a previous reservation to change the ticketing date and make it eligible for the promotion?

  8. Will the double elite qualifying miles count towards lifetime miles or just the actual miles physically flown if I flew after November 30th?

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