Cool galley meal preparation video

Gadling has a pretty cool video about how meals are prepared on American 767-300s, both for business class passengers and the pilots. Check it out here:

Very cool to get an inside look into how it’s done.


  1. I was just in Business class for AA (MAD-DFW). This is quite eye opening to the amount of work the FAs need to do just to serve business class. I mean, I thought my food came pre plated, but having to cook and plate the food and then serve…WOW.

  2. Great video and definitely eye opening.

    I do like the FA’s schedule. Fly down overnight, 4 days in Rio then fly back.

  3. Really cool video! It was really interesting to see how they actually make the meals. So much to do in such a cramped space!

  4. Thats pretty cool to see!

    Surprised both pilots were eating at the same time. Always figured they would alternate so someone was always ready to go at the controls?

  5. Thanks for sharing Lucky! Quick question–I don’t fly AA–what was the 50 ml mini on the co-pilot’s tray? Was that salad dressing?

  6. Yup! Saw this on Kent’s own blog. He does Great Video! The galley work for F and B meals has always amazed me and I’d like to see a lot more. If anyone has links to other aircraft galley food prep videos, I’d sure like to see them. They are very rare!

  7. @ JohnDP — I can’t guarantee it, though I suspect that was an anomaly. Sometimes crew layovers end up strange.

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