The ridiculously generous TripAlertz $10 referral bonus

Almost all the other bloggers have written about this promo, so just in the interest of being somewhat thorough I’ll mention it.

TripAlertz is a new Groupon-esque travel website that basically offers discounted vacation packages/hotel stays for members. It’s not all that exciting in theory, other than the fact that they’re offering a $10 trip cash referral bonus for any new sign-ups with no limits. All you need to do to get the referral bonus is have someone sign up for the site using your link, which literally takes all of 10 seconds. All you need to sign up is a valid email address.

You can refer as many people as you’d like and apply as much trip cash to a booking as you’d like. So they have some packages for $450, and all you would need to get that for free is have 45 friends sign-up.

Something tells me they didn’t totally think this one through and will soon be regretting it, but who knows. It’s smart to encourage new sign-ups for a website like this and offer some small discounts by doing so, but something tells me a lot more people will have free vacations than they expected.

Anyway, you can sign up for the website here. If you’d like to sign up through my referral link it can be found here, which will get me a $10 referral bonus and you don’t lose anything, since you can refer others when you sign-up. And of course feel free to post your links below so others can sign up through them as well.

More than anything else I’m kind of curious how long it’ll be before they pull this.


  1. the referral is the greatest thing since sliced bread. most of the hotel deals are just ok but occasionally they have a real nice one. the key here is to part your link on your Facebook, email signature and or twitter account. at $10 per pop it adds up quickly and the trips become more enticing.

    I’d love to see Lucky in space. Use his link to get started

  2. All the bloggers are writing about it because it is really only bloggers who benefit. I don’t have 45 friends who will sign up for me. But then again I don’t have a popular blog either. Im about cynical about this. Strikes me as more blogger greed.

  3. I’m really tired of all these coupon sites. The only ones I buy are for places I already go. The rest are near bankruptcy, non-profits, or another useless yoga studio. When they first came out, they had decent offers, but really, no successful business would want to lose 75% on every sale. I’m glad Lucky seems to have some sense in him.

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