US Airways raises the cost of purchases miles to 3.5 cents per mile!

As reported by Gary, US Airways has raised the price of purchased miles from 2.75 cents per mile to 3.5 cents per mile, which is a 27% increase.

For a couple of years now US Airways has offered a 100% bonus on purchased miles pretty regularly in one form or another. It’s an amazing deal, and many asked when they would stop with such a generous promotion.

Well, I guess we know the answer now. I suspect they’ll continue offering a 100% mileage bonus on purchased miles, though I doubt they’ll go above that.

So while purchasing miles with a 100% bonus could still be a good deal in many circumstances, especially for first class redemptions, it’s not nearly the steal it used to be.


  1. I suppose it was too good to last. I skipped the last round of bonus miles figuring they would be back again before long. But then again I didn’t really need to spend another $1500 for for 100K miles…

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