1. Ben,

    Contrary to the T&C on Delta’s website, you can book both a stopover and an open jaw on a Delta award (YMMV).

    Also note that if you have Gold or higher Medallion status with Delta, you are eligible for upgrades on all domestic DL-operated award segments, so all hope is not lost if you can only find low-level coach availability!

    The Points Guy wrote a pretty unfavorable review of Air Europa business class, so I think I’ll avoid this option.

  2. Don’t undersell the usefulness of the Air France site. Much better calendar and more partners are covered vs. delta. Once you’re into the international legs, you probably want to search there and not on Delta.

  3. Agree with @gene- definitely able to book a stopover AND open jaw AND multiple transfers with no issues. Open jaw can even be in the region of origination.

    Great overview though!

  4. I just read all three of of your articles on travel awards. I have 2 questions. First can I fly business class to Europe on Delta? Second if my closest international airport is Atlanta which airline should I look at for business or first class to Rome and Athens?

  5. Ben, could I go about using SkyMiles to book domestic first class award travel on an Alaska Airlines flight that is NOT a Delta codeshare? If so– how do I do a search?

  6. @ Diane — Yes, you can fly business class to Europe on Delta. The number of miles required varies, though it’s possible. As far as your second question goes, it really depends on which programs you have miles with.

    @ Nick — You should be able to. It might require a call to Delta’s lovely SkyMiles call center, though.

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