Bad news regarding my upgrade to India…

It cleared. Yes, I mean bad news for those of you that wanted to see me fly coach (I suspect that’s most of you). I’ll have to save my review of American’s “flagship economy dinner service” for another time.



  1. Come now, most of us? Haters love to comment.

    I am looking forward to reading about all your first world problems in the third world. Heated toilet seat cold? Caviar served without toast points? No chocolates during turn down service in the suite tent?

    Hopefully you can resist the Siren call of being a luxury travel agent after this adventure.

    Have fun!

  2. @ qbrian — Hah, I wasn’t inferring most of you are haters. Even those that don’t hate me would have loved a coach trip report, no? 😀

  3. bro I love ya – but yeah I want for ya once in your life to learn “what is behind the curtain”! (that is where they keep the luggage right?

  4. We can learn plenty from a jfk-lhr or dfw-hnl, no need to double the pain ord-del. I’ve done dfw-hnl in coach center seat before. Just file it under First World Problems to Avoid and move on to something more interesting.

  5. I have done the ORD DEL in center seat coach. Despite ‘sleeping’ for about 12 hours, it was a royal pain! The seats are so cramped. You escaped an experience.

  6. That was awesome, for a split second I almost felt sorry and said a slight aghhh but then bust out laughing when you fooled us! Glad you got your upgrade! 🙂 I’m especially looking forward to your Maldives and Agra Trip Report 😀

  7. It would had been an adventure 😉 Everyone should do 24 hours of flying in an economy seat once… 😉

    Glad your upgrade cleared though.

  8. Just wondering – were you in seat 10A from ORD-DEL? A friend of mine was on the flight and said that the guy in 10A kept disturbing folks by taking lots of pictures. Seems you created a bit of concern as to what you were up to and why.

  9. @ Sean — I was in 10B, not 10A. That being said, I think you’re talking about someone else as you’re off by a day. I flew on 10/05, not 10/04. And based on the time you posted that, it sounds like you’re talking about 10/04.

  10. Yes, wrong day probably! The moment he mentioned lots of pictures and ORD-DEL, I immediately thought of you! 🙂

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