Hilton’s fourth quarter promotion: free nights or double points

Let’s face it, there aren’t very many exciting fourth quarter hotel promotions. Hyatt is offering 5,000 Gold Passport points after every three nights spent at their hotels, while Starwood is offering double or triple base points depending on which nights of the week you’re staying.

That’s why Hilton’s fourth quarter promotion isn’t half bad, given that they historically run weaker promotions than Hyatt and Starwood. Through December 31, Hilton is offering either double base points on all stays, or one free night after every four stays or ten nights spent at Hilton hotels on eligible rates. You have to register and choose one or the other, and once you make your selection you can’t change it. There’s also a fairly long list of non-participating hotels.

While this promotion probably isn’t worth mattress running for, it’s not a half bad promotion compared to the competition.

(Tip of the hat to Leonard)


  1. The problem I have with it is the short duration of the ‘free night’. 6 months is too short to be of great value to me, especially if you earn more than 1 or 2 nights.

    I guess if you have a specific vacation planned during these 6 months, this could work out OK.

  2. The major downside to this promo is that there is a huge list of non participating hotels. Many Hamptons, Doubletrees, and Hilton Garden Inns are not particpating which significantly reduces earnings opportunites, so it is not as lucrative as last year’s promo where every 4 hotel stays earned a Q3FN.

  3. PS: I hope this promo causes Hyatt to bring back Faster Free Nights without any earnings accrual or redemption restrictions.

  4. Ditto on the 6 month expire 🙁 Maybe as a Diamond I can beg to extend? I really need to earn free nights for a trip to Tokyo and China next fall. There is a new Hilton being built in Zhengzhou, China, my wife’s home city, that will be a great base of operations for us when we visit…

  5. WARNING: Per Flyertalk people have noticed that the registration has a glitch where the selection gets processed BACKWARDS. You need to call in and get it corrected. Apparently the promo codes are setup backwards. We are not confident that we wont get flipped back when they correct it…

  6. I got a really nice email from them thanking me for my call alerting them to the problem and re-confirming my selection and that they had made the fix.

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