1. You can hold award reservations on You just go through the process as if you are buying the ticket and then after selecting seats you can click on either purchase or hold. You don’t need to call. I just did a hold on a few weeks ago.

    For Continental, I tried to hold earlier this year and several agents told me that I could only hold if I had enough miles in my account for the ticket. I finally got one agent to give me the hold by telling her that I was in the process of transferring miles. That was my experience six months ago, maybe they have changed the policy now.

  2. Since many of us only use Delta miles with its partners (given Delta’s outrageous pricing levels), and most of its partners are not bookable online, I’m really surprised you said nothing about holding Delta tickets by phone. Basically, their policy over the phone is no holds. However, if you beg, they will sometimes give in and give you a short hold.

    Also, for United, they technically only allow 24 holds on itineraries that include Singapore Airlines flights, although sometimes agents don’t catch themselves.

  3. Lucky, word for word, your TravelSort posts are the best how-to manual that’s out there. In fact, the rest of TravelSort has some pretty good stuff there too–more general purpose but it’s definitely giving me ideas for new places to see.

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