Possible Lufthansa A380 first class award redemption opportunity?

If I had a dollar for every client that has emailed me wanting to fly Airbus 380 first class, I’d retire and move to Hong Kong. That’s why I like to blog about any opportunities I see to redeem for Airbus 380 first class, even if they’re only speculative.

With that in mind, rumor has it that Lufthansa will be flying the Airbus 380 between Munich and New York for one week in December, from the 6th through the 12th. While the articles about it are all in German, the short version is that due to high demand before Christmas (for shopping, I suppose… or something like that), Lufthansa will give Munich a “present” and send the A380 to Munich for a week.

Some speculate that the hidden agenda is that Emirates is starting A380 service to Munich in January, and Lufthansa doesn’t want Emirates to be able to say they were the first to fly the Airbus 380 to Munich, their second biggest hub.

As of now Lufthansa still has an Airbus 330 in the system for the flight, so there’s first class availability on some dates. If you’re interested and are a top tier elite with either Continental, United, or US Airways, you might as well make a speculative booking and cross your fingers that it’s the A380. If it isn’t, you can always cancel for free.

Now I should clarify, the Airbus 380 first class product isn’t even that spectacular. As a matter of fact I’d say that the 747 has a substantially better first class product. That being said, the Airbus 380 is an amazing plane and there’s still something exciting about flying the A380 for many of us, which is why this is potentially worthwhile.

On one hand I have a hard time imagining this will happen. There’s no way in hell there’s enough demand for an A380 from Munich to New York in December, especially during a time where kids are in school and it’s cold as heck in both cities. At the same time, as a German I know the role pride can play in decision making, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they do this just to screw with Emirates so that they can’t brag about being the first to fly the Airbus 380 to Munich…


  1. Coins,
    I agree with you about flying a new aircraft. I remember the first time boarding a DC-10 and L1011. They were hugh planes vs the old 727’s. Wanna talk excitment, anyone else remember the first time they boarded a 747 in the 1970’s? Oh man. What a treat.

    Don’t forget, there’s always the memory of your first time.

  2. I agree that it’s exciting. I considered myself quite lucky that I scored EK A388 C (BKK-HKG) prior to the EK and UA/CO divorce. And since it was an intra-South Asia redemption, it cost me 30,000 miles to do HKG-SIN-DPS(dest)-BKK(stop)-HKG.

    And I did watch the takeoff on the camera- plus enjoyed the bar at the back of the C cabin. (This is why it’s so disappointing that LH didn’t bother with one. Those businesslike Germans.)

  3. While the retrofitted 747 might be more spectacular (with a permanent bed), you’ve got less then 10% chance of sitting in one.
    A380 gets you into the new First on all occasions. And it supposedly has a superior cabin feel to other planes too.

  4. @Lucky: don’t quite get your comment on the LH F A380 vs 747. The A380 as a plane is overrated, but I very much prefer the new F.

    Any details on what you don’t like there?

  5. I did LH A380 First on miles over the summer and it was a much better experience. The cabin service was standard Lufthansa, but the seat, lavatory, IFE, lockers, and cabin noise made an impact on me that this was special.

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