Trip reports coming shortly!

I’m guessing most of you have forgotten by now, but a few weeks back I started a trip report about my weekend in Paris flying American Airlines. I had booked a discounted business class ticket and upgraded to first class in my quest for Executive Platinum status with American. While I did my best to stick to posting one installment a day, I haven’t posted an update in weeks.

Anyway, just a heads up that I’ll really be wrapping up the trip report over the coming week, with one installment a day. It has been a busy few weeks for me and I haven’t had the time to dedicate to these trip reports. They’re a labor of love, and a very time consuming one at that. Between writing, resizing the pictures, uploading the pictures, etc., each installment can take hours.

Then next week, as soon as this trip report is done, I’ll get started on the trip report for my most recent trip, which was to Asia and Europe in Singapore, Lufthansa, and Thai first class, with stays at the Le Meridien Bangkok, Westin Siray Bay Phuket, Le Meridien Khao Lak, InterContinental Berchtesgaden, Schloss Fuschl Salzburg, and Sheraton Munich. It was quite possibly my favorite trip ever, so I can’t wait to share the experience.

My hope is to have all this wrapped up before my trip to India and the Maldives in October, given that I likely won’t have a lot of time to work on it while I’m there.

And next year is already shaping up to be quite an exciting year on the travel front. I’ve never planned this much in advance as I should have at least one international trip a month. I even already have enough revenue travel planed to requalify for Executive Platinum, which is a first for me (usually I don’t book any revenue travel for anything but the current year).

So thanks for your patience! I look forward to your pithy comments. 😉


  1. I am particularly super-interested to hear about what you thought of the Berchtesgaden InterConti. The last time I went to Kehlstein they were just building it and there was an almighty (entirely understandable) row about it, for obvious historical reasons.

  2. You have a 100k EQM or EQP planned already for next year? Is there a DEQM promo next year I have not heard about? That is a lot of travel well in advance, I would really like a blog post on the plan, even if you have to delay posting it until after your trips. I am interested in what drove you to plan so much revenue travel so far out.

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