I just need to shut my mouth sometimes. Flying Tampa to Chicago this evening, the lady seated behind me in the window was literally one of the loudest snorers I’ve ever heard. I had noise canceling headphones on AND was rocking out to listening to Jonas Brothers music, and I still heard her snoring.

The guy seated in the aisle next to her, and immediately behind me, went to the lavatory, and as he walked past me on the way to his seat I said “isn’t she a hoot?” He responds “that’s my wife.”

On the plus side, it could have been worse, like “hey, it could be worse – at least you’re not married to her.”

Someone get me a stiff Diet Coke with lime!


  1. It could be worse, I was on a transcon with a simliar snorer but everytime he got going his wife would wake him, then they would proceed to argue loudly about whether or not he was snoring, and then he’d fall asleep and the cycle would repeat.

  2. Hey Lucky – I sooooo thought of you last week. I was in the BUR airport, and a CSA told me that Joe Jonas was coming off the flight from OAK, right next door. My first reaction was to call or text you, but I think I lost your number when my phone crashed. The CSA pointed out Joe, and as he walked by I casually waived and said, “Hey Joe!” He waived back at me. Too cool?!? But he was a super shrimp. So little!

  3. Dear Lucky:

    Ay caramba! What a night! I was flying with my husband from TPA to ORD this evening. All I needed was sleep, so DH let me have the window so I could tune out, get some sleep, and be out of the way. Just as I start to drift off, I hear the most awful music blaring from some nearby doofus’ noise-canceling headphones. DH thought it might be the rockin’ sounds of The Jonas Brothers, but it sounded more to me like the sound of someone strangling a cat, but then, I wouldn’t know a Jonas Brother from a Hanson Brother as all those boy bands sound the same to me. They sound like nothing. I don’t listen to them. I like REAL music. But I digress. I tried fake snoring to try to drown out the cacophony, but to no avail. We were dying to know who it was, so my husband pretended to go to the restroom so he could see do a recon mission to see who it was. It turns out it was the guy in the seat directly in front of me. A real looker, too! Too bad he has such questionable taste in music, and judging by the headphone volume, his years of odd choices in music have left him quite deaf.

    Seriously. The Jonas Brothers? 😉

    Xs and Os,


  4. The noise canceling headphones probably didnt help. They filter out engine noise, but not voice (like) sounds. So while everybody else wouldnt hear the snoring over the engine noise…you did! 😉

  5. @Stef – Are you making this up? UA doesn’t fly between OAK and BUR. The only UA flight out of OAK is to DEN. Or was this a different carrier?

  6. @1K: sadly, Lucky’s fascination with JB is well documented and not a joke (notice Stef’s reflex to contact him about them). It falls more under the heading of character flaw… 😉

    @Hunter: Stef isn’t a UA type

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