Virgin Australia status match (including Hilton Diamond) for residents of Australia!

Virgin Velocity is offering residents of Australia over the age of 18 with elite status on a competing airline a status match.

The instructions are as follows:

Who is eligible for a status match with Velocity?

If you are an Australian resident, over the age of 18 and hold a status higher then entry level in another airline loyalty program*, you may be eligible for a status match.

How do I apply?

To be considered for a status match, please email the following to

  1. In the subject line, include the status you are seeking to be matched to (e.g. Gold)
  2. Your Velocity membership number. If you are not a Velocity member, join now using ‘STATUSMATCH’ as the promotional code
  3. A copy of your most recent frequent flyer monthly statement or a scanned copy of your current frequent flyer card. Your statement or card must clearly show the date of validity and your current status level

What happens next?

Please allow 4 weeks for processing after receipt of your request. If your request is approved, confirmation will be sent to you by email^ and you will receive a Velocity membership pack containing your new card in the mail.

The major exclusion to note in the terms and conditions is the following:

3. Members from frequent flyer programs of our our following alliance partnerships frequent flyer programs are ineligible to apply: Air New Zealand, Delta, Etihad Airways, Singapore Airlines and Virgin Atlantic.

What makes this most interesting is that Platinum members in Virgin Velocity get Hilton Diamond status, while Gold members get Hilton Gold status. Apparently the Hilton status is valid for six months, and if you make four stays within that time period it’s extended to a full year.

Furthermore, Virgin Velocity Gold and Platinum members get Delta SkyClub access as well when traveling Delta the same day.

So if you live in Australia (or have an address in Australia… or have the ability to have something sent to an address in Australia), this deal might be for you.

(Tip of the hat to Gary)


  1. Got mine a few weeks ago. Keep in mind that Virgin Australia lounge isn’t restricted to days you are flying Virgin Aus – anytime access!

  2. As asked already, there are two problems to be solved to me.
    One is, i have no status at any program, sad enough! is there any idea around here, how to get one ( quick )?
    Second question is, i dont have any adress in australia, so anybody willing to help?

    feel free to contact me via

  3. The next question is precisely when HHONORS Diamond starts. Not giving my number until a few weeks before my next Hilton stays. Ideally I’d wait until my Gold expires next year to maximize it but don’t want to wait that long. 🙂

  4. The email you have listed in this article doesn’t seem to be a valid email; I got the email returned to me with “There is no user by that name at this server.” Is there another email perhaps?

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