Thai operating 777-300ERs on Bangkok to Munich route as of December 1, 2011!

For a couple of years now, Thai has been leasing 777-300ER aircraft from Jet Airways, which feature one of the best “hard” products out there. The aircraft feature eight first class suites with doors, and also a fully flat herringbone product in business class.

First class

Business class

Up until now, Thai has operated these planes primarily on their Bangkok to Paris and Bangkok to Tokyo routes. Well, Thai is leasing a few more of these planes in the coming months, and it looks like the next route to get them will be Bangkok to Munich as of December 1.

I flew this plane just a few weeks ago from Bangkok to Paris and had a great flight, though unnecessarily connecting in Paris when flying on the Star Alliance is a real pain, since Charles de Gaulle is one of my least favorite airports.

That’s why I’m so excited to hear they’ll be operating the 777-300ER to Munich in place of the 747, which features flat beds in first class, though not nearly as private. Now when flying from the US to Asia via Europe one can fly Lufthansa from the US to Munich without making the unnecessary connection to Paris, and continue straight to Asia in one of the best products out there.

Thai’s 747 first class

Unfortunately this substitution has come at the expense of quite a bit of award availability. Previously Munich to Bangkok was a gold mine when it comes to award availability, though unfortunately that’s no longer the case.

Lastly, it’s worth noting that Thai probably does more aircraft substitutions than any other airline. So don’t be surprised if you book a flight 11 months out and over the course of the year see the aircraft type switch from a 747 to a 737 to an Airbus 390 to a DC10 to a 777….



  1. Hey that first class pic looks a very airbussy judging by the windows, no?

    In any case, this bit of news is good to hear because Thai fares from Europe are on the high end even though their 744-Eco from MUC and FRA is ancient.

  2. @ Hermann — LOL, you got me! Yes, it’s a picture taken on the A346, though the same seat that’s on the 747. I need to stop trying to fool you guys. šŸ˜‰

  3. You’d think with such a great FC lounge in Bangkok and their great service, Thai would come out with new FC seats. It’s a shame that while their “soft” product competes with their rivals, their “hard” product seems to lag far behind…

  4. I noticed that a 74R is showing up on flights BKK-FRA, anybody know if this is some sort of special config aircarft?

  5. Winning.

    Booked an itin to SE Asia about 6 weeks ago for January, and it included a messy return through BKK and MUC, when I was trying to get this aircraft for BKK-NRT. Totally worth it.

    So awesome that this sub was made. Now let’s hope they don’t change it again…

  6. So,if I understand correctly one can go USA- southeast Asia via Europe for the same amount of rewards miles as going through the pacific?

  7. @john – yes, it’s the same amount of miles as long as your miles program allows a routing via Europe. I used Aeroplan miles to go via Europe to BKK last year. Flew the MUC-BKK in F on the 744. It is a very nice seat even on the 747. I was in 1A which is fairly private. I think we were only about 8 or 9 out of 14. Interesting that they are putting the new 777’s on that route. I wonder if they will move those 747s to the CPH or ARN route to retire the old timers.

    This year I am headed over via NRT and will get the leased 777-300s on the NRT-BKK vv route. Unless they change it on us.

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