It’s official: American to offer turndown service and pajamas in international first class!

A few weeks ago I posted some speculation about American improving their international first class product with pajamas and proper turndown service, and it looks like the program is finally official.

The program will first be rolled out on September 1 on American’s flights from the US to London Heathrow.

The new offerings are described as follows:

Beginning Sept. 1, customers traveling onboard American’s flights between the U.S. and London Heathrow (LHR) will be among the first to enjoy the new offerings. First Class customers traveling onboard Boeing 777s between the U.S. and Heathrow will receive a quilted bed topper custom-designed to fit American’s popular Flagship Suite, pajamas and slippers as part of the airline’s new turndown service. A lightweight day blanket, new premium duvet and pillow, and an amenity kit featuring a bag with an authentic Eames Office® design pattern and containing Dermalogica® skincare products and other travel necessities complete the new suite of amenities.

Furthermore, business class passengers will receive a new duvet and pillow, slippers, and new amenity kit.

The new offerings will roll out on all other longhaul international routes starting October 1.

It’ll be interesting to see how long it takes United to match.

The real gems here, however, are the marketing photos I came across while trying to find the press release. Take a look at this marketing photo, and in particular the agent’s screen. Looks like she’s really busy. 😉


  1. That’s a hilarious photo. What an AWFUL tie he’s wearing…love the “JFJFJFJFJ” combo on the screen…gotta love that index finger home row typing!

  2. Why would it be “nasty” to wash and reuse the pajamas? By your logic, hotels should also allow guests to take home the sheets and toilet seat.

  3. @ VoiceOfSanity — Fair enough. I guess I just question how well they’d wash ’em! Furthermore if they were pre-“enjoyed” I’d just bring my own.

  4. ROFL on the busy part. And they were so busy not to even change the name of this picture. It is called DSC…. the standard naming pattern on a camera.

  5. I hope it is before Jan. Flying UA GIG-GRU-IAD and would like a duvet; especially since it will probably still be the old config.

    I also have booked AA GIG-EZE-MIA-DCA; but plan on redepositing that in favor of the overnight flight and more direct routing

  6. It’s tough to tell, but it looks like the password is highlighted and taped to the monitor screen. Great security, AA

  7. @ Andrew I have to agree that the tie might be the most offensive item in this picture.

    I also have to wonder at the marketing dept that chose a couple, and specifically these two, to market international F to.

  8. @Lucky-I believe you mentioned in one of your reviews of ANA First Class that they don’t let the pax keep the PJs and wash/re-cyle them. Hence my question about AA’s practice.

  9. @JetAway YMWV, I took home ANA’s first class PJ’s with permission from the FA but I haven’t worn them since. They’re fairly rough in texture. Bad blue complexion.

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