Hyatt announces new promo: 5,000 points for every three nights

Hyatt has just announced the details of their next global promotion, which will run from September 15 through November 15, 2011. The promotion offers 5,000 Gold Passport points after every three nights spent at any Hyatt worldwide, with a maximum of 30,000 points earned.

Registration will open on September 15 at this link.

The promotion itself is nothing exciting, though what has a lot of members disappointed are the implications of this promotion. Historically Hyatt has run a “Faster Free Nights” promotion at the end of the year, which offers one free night at any Hyatt hotel in the world after every two stays. Many are assuming that this promotion probably means that there won’t be a Faster Free Nights promotion this year, and I’m inclined to agree. Hyatt hasn’t offered any exciting promotions this year, all while eliminating “Gx” bonuses (which historically offered 500-2,000 bonus points per stay at select properties).

Would this be disappointing? Yes. At the same time, as much as I hate to admit it (and trust me, as someone that has taken full advantage of Faster Free Nights in the past, I don’t want to), I always asked myself “how the heck are they making any money off of Faster Free Nights?” I stay twice at my local Hyatt for $80 per night (total investment of $160), and I get a free night at the $1,000+ per night Park Hyatt Paris. And from Gold Passport’s perspective, they’re paying the hotel very close to rack rate for my room if they’re at capacity.

Also, in fairness to Hyatt, they’ve really improved their elite benefits over the past couple of years, and I still think they have among the best loyalty programs, even without lucrative promotions. They pioneered free internet for top tier elites, then added four confirmed suite upgrades per year, and now have guaranteed 4PM late check-out.

It’s still a truly class act loyalty program. So I’m not being an apologist, because trust me, I want to see Faster Free Nights return. And who knows, maybe it will, and they’ll run both promotions at once, which would be awesome.

So I’m still hoping we see some sort of a fun promotion, though I’m not expecting it. And on a related note, this was the first time in a while I’ve been disappointed to see a loyalty program release a promotion!


  1. When I did a stay at the Zurich Park Hyatt via FFN free redemption, I was able to find out that Hyatt was paying the hotel $160 per night, so the $1000 maxim at Park Hyatt does not always hold true. I think the reimbursement rate for a free night also depends upon occupancy.

    On another note, the lack of FFN is a major downtrend to the Hyatt program. It has some spectacular hotels, but it has very limited locations. SPG, Hilton, and Marriott are found in many more locations, so Hyatt is not delivering to its elite GP members with a great promo.

    I would also add perhaps there is still a chance that Hyatt offers FFN in the fall. Considering that the GX bonuses are gone, this promo is really underwhelming if it is all that Hyatt has on the promotional front.

  2. So the earn rate is a little worse than the “Great 10k” promotion of last year. Hyatt GP is moving in the wrong direction…

  3. @ Chris — You still have the choice of earning either miles or points for your stay, so it should be combinable with an airline promotion as far as I can tell.

  4. So would this work with the US Grand Slam? If you opt to earn miles instead of points, would you still earn a bonus from Hyatt?

  5. This is an extension of the targeted promo I received earlier this month. The promo I received offered 5000 points for 3 nights until Sep 30th.

  6. Coins,

    Hyatt is making money when you buy 2 nights at $80. That’s additional income to them.

    When you received your ‘free’ night, they in all probability gave you the $1000 a night room that would have gone empty anyway. They win. You win. If the suite was N/A, you still received a room.

    Everyone wins.

  7. I tend to think that one of the thoughts that has been running on flyertalk (Hyatt may be attempting to thin the Diamond herd) may be true. I achieved Diamond this year (through Feb of 2013) rather easily through a Diamond Status Match Challenge back in June/July but short of some magical promo next fall or just an insane mattress fun in Jan/Feb of 2013 I’m not sure if I’ll be able to keep it. On the plus side, I live in Chicago so mattress runs to the multiple suburban locations here is rather easy.

  8. FFN is nice but not the clincher for me. Sadly, the only way for me to retain Diamond is with a Double Stay promotion – and I think there are lots of others in that boat. I guess I can still hope but despair is looming!

  9. @ Dan — Yes, Hyatt is making money with that, though not Gold Passport. Gold Passport is a separate operating unit, and they’re not making $80 when you pay that for a room. They’re making only a small portion of that, but having to foot the bill for my free night redemption.

  10. @ ikonos- Yes it might look like an extension but it isn’t.
    The targeted Promo you received that runs through Sept 30 and the New Promo starting Sep 15 are two separate Promos and I would make the argument that during the “overlapping” period of Sept 15-30 you would be entitled to collect 5k from each Promo, giving you a total of 10k for every 3 nights during that period.

  11. When I calculate that I need almost 10 paid nights to earn one free night at Hyatt’s top tier level (including base and Diamond bonus earnings on a $100 stay), this promotion does not motivate me to go out of my way – or pay more than a PL bid – to stay at Hyatt.

  12. Currently, Hilton is offering Q3 double points at most hotels until the end of September. With SPG offering double or even triple points, it is hard to envision how this points offer makes Hyatt competitive with the other major hotel loyalty programs.

    FFN is a real asset and benefit of the Hyatt program which truly makes up for the limited number of locations and often much higher rates at prime locations compared to other major hotels. By not offering the promo, the shortcomings of their hotel program places them at a disadvantage in engendering loyalty.

  13. I won’t be trying for GP Diamond this year then since there is no FFN. Even though I have well over qualified for Diamond on Hilton, I am still putting my stays there since we prefer the local property we stay at. If FFNs had been in effect, we would have switched out stays to Hyatt: +30 nts Hyatt -30 nts Hilton, but alas it is not to be.

  14. Lucky, have you noticed that the ANA tool is no longer requiring that long roundabout way of accessing the Star Alliance search function?

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