Pretty cool “Day in the Life of Richard Branson” show

Last night I saw a pretty cool “Day in the Life of Richard Branson” show on Hulu. The reason I figured I’d share it here is because it takes place mostly at Heathrow Airport, on Virgin Atlantic planes, and at the Chicago launch for Virgin America.

Anyway, check it out (if you’re in the US, since I don’t believe Hulu can be broadcast outside the US). He seems like a pretty good guy!


  1. It was great to me that he flies Virgin Atlantic. Most people of his stature definitely fly private jets and don’t co-mingle with the “business class commoner,” but he seems to have no problem with it. Very down to earth.

  2. Very interesting to watch him in action. The man is a great salesman for his products. At the end of the show, he was dropped off at Terminal 1. He must have flown UA home as the VS flight leaves ORD T5 at 6:00pm.

  3. Cool. This reminds me that “Come Fly With Me” (BBC mock-umentary comedy about the airline business) has been playing on BBC America.

  4. He (along with his SO) are very nice persons to meet. Not brash and arrogant, as was discovered when they were in DC for the 2009 POTUS inauguration festivities.

  5. I was at the launch party with Branson and first, he is a shockingly normal guy and very engaging. Also, it was probably the best party I’ve ever been to, the guy really knows how the have a good time.

    Finally- he was supposed to take a Lufthansa flight home (for the above reason), but he missed his flight so ended up coming back to the party at around midnight. When I left at 2am things seems to just be getting really crazy- others said they were out until 5am with him.

  6. I’m impressed that he flies virgin too but I thought that surprisingly( since this is directed by the great Morgan Spurlock) this video had no substance. He did almost nothing. I liked the promo where he gave out the tickets but that waS ABOUT THE BIGGEST THING HE DID ALL DAY.

  7. oh please enough of this crook, another crook like Murdoch of the Thatcher era, who got where he is today because of favorable government decisions from the tory government. BA is a creature of the tory-H’row giveaways. All his “products” are fluff, he really never gives anything away but has perfected the reputation that he does. Lots of parties for his employees at his putative residence but little union reputation and he tried to hire young and fire old. The man is full of scams and good at playing the good guy role…

  8. Yes how people get so excited about him I do not know. If you travel on his train service you’d understand that the man is all about profit. He’s not a sandal wearing hippie as he likes to pretend.

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