Anderson Cooper just can’t hold it in…

No pun intended in the title. šŸ˜‰

How awesome is this? A grown man giggles uncontrollably, and it actually has to do with the airline industry.

Many of you may have heard of the French actor that decided to urinate in the cabin on a CityJet flight to Dublin on Tuesday. Well, this made Anderson Cooper’s “Ridiculist,” which was filled with puns. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) he just couldn’t hold it in. Check it out:


  1. Nice =))
    I really like Anderson Cooper, mostly because he seems to have a very special relationship with his crew on his show, they always do practical jokes and similar stuff and try to make him loose his composure with their writing, knowing that he has to read the scripts they present. This script so full of puns surely was made with this in their mind. =))

  2. I’ve always admired Anderson’s work and thought him very cute. When I found out he is gay, all the better; I’m looking for a new husband!

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