Long journey to get here…

Can anyone guess where to? Below are pictures of my journey — one picture for each “segment” of my trip from Phuket. I’m pretty sure this is the most beautiful place on earth, or at least very close.


  1. Austria. If you’re there Lucky, try making it towards Villach/Klagenfurt/bad kleinkerkheim in Carinthia/Kartern. 2-hour drive but well worth it…the beauty once there is breath-taking.

  2. HKT-BKK. Clearly.

    BKK-CDG. Thai regularly flies the Jet Airways 777 to CDG and NRT, at least assuming there wasn’t an aircraft swap. And since you were in first, I’ll assume you planned for the 777 and didn’t luck into it. And since you were connecting to Lufthansa and not, say, ANA…

    CDG-MUC. You’re connecting to LH in CDG so it’s MUC or FRA, and you ain’t driving around Frankfurt.

    What do I win?

  3. The last image was taken from the inside of the front passenger seat of a Mercedes. I don’t think lucky knows how to drive, and while this blog has many readers, I don’t think that he (quite yet =]) has the cash to go around Europe chauffered in a luxury car, so he must be visiting family in Germany.

    I forget where is family is from — I think he mentioned having family all over the country — but I would be more inclined towards Munich since he’s reviewed hotels in Frankfurt before.

  4. Contra my earlier comment though and while I’m still guessing final segment is CDG-MUC, of course LH serves not jsut FRA/MUC from CDG but also DUS/HAM/TXL… hadn’t had my coffee yet =)

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