British Airways’ (not so exciting) 50% off award redemption promotion

Yesterday British Airways announced a 50% off award redemption promotion good for bookings made through August 12, 2011, for travel through August 3, 2012. The details are as follows:

Get 50% off with your BA Miles. Wherever you want your reward flight to take you, you’ll need 50% fewer BA Miles if you book within the next ten days.

So you can go either sooner or further than you expected. And use 50% fewer BA Miles whether you fly in World Traveller, World Traveller Plus, Euro Traveller and Club Europe.

If you’ve got a promising collection of BA Miles, this is too good to miss. Just pick a destination on your must-go list and book before the ten days are up.

That sounds exciting in theory given that many of you probably have British Airways miles either through Chase’s past 100,000 mile sign-up bonuses or American Express Membership Rewards’ 50% transfer bonuses, though unfortunately the promotion excludes just about all good redemption options.

As written above, the promotion is only valid for travel on British Airways flights in coach, premium economy, or intra-Europe business class. Intercontinental business class and first class are not eligible.

Given that British Airways’ best award redemptions are either partner redemptions (like 80,000 miles for business class to South America, 100,000 miles for business class to Asia, etc.) or in first or business class on British Airways, I’ll give this one a “pass.”

If you do like redeeming miles for coach, just keep in mind that British Airways imposes fuel surcharges on award tickets, so while a roundtrip coach award ticket from the US to Europe will only cost you 25,000 miles, it can cost you $500+ in taxes/surcharges.

Hefty taxes and fuel surcharges

(Tip of the hat to Gary)


  1. Of course it is exciting – have you ever heard the phrase to not look a gift horse in the mouth?

    US joiners to BA Miles have had a wealth of offers – 100000 BA Chase being the tip of a large iceberg. EU (non-UK/Ireland) BA Miles members have lower thresholds for Gold & Silver. This is a great offer for UK based persons, especially those with BA American Express vouchers, which can be used, as can Gold Upgrade for 2. So with a bit of savvy, You can get your 2 business class returns to Australia or South America for the price of 1 WT+ ticket.

  2. That’s the thing on this one that is just crazy. With some work I could find a coach class ticket on another airline for the same price and EARN miles and MQM’s!

  3. Lucky,

    I wrote up about this yesterday with in interesting add-on. KLM is offering RT to London from most of the east coast until October 31st for $611 all inclusive. $60 more then the Taxes and Fees on BA and you get to keep your miles and earn a few too.

  4. I think what Jordan is saying is that if you have Gold upgrade vouchers you can redeem awards in WT + and use them to upgrade to Club World.

    Of course those Gold upgrade vouchers are awful hard to get. 2500 TP for UK based and 2000 TP for EU based.

  5. What a stinkin’ joke!! Why would I pay almost $600 PLUS miles for a ticket when I can get a ticket for $600 most days???? WTF???

  6. This offer is probably best suited to UK based members who can make use of the 2-4-1 voucher and are used to paying taxes on award tickets (along with members of other EU airlines).

    For me I can get two tickets in Business to Moscow for £200 plus 20,000 miles in April next year.

    If I were to pay cash for the same flights, two tickets in economy would cost me £540 whilst two in business would cost me £1,820.

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