1. Sitting at a table next to some food. A shame they couldn’t afford to pay someone to glue tines on the end of your fork.

  2. OK guys, let’s narrow it down. No ice cream place I know of serves ice cream on a plate. So I will assume that it’s a first class lounge somewhere. Italy is out, no FCLs there. Lucky just flew on an SQ 747 flight – so most likely he is near SIN. Other options would be FRA or JFK.

  3. It looks like Gelato on an opened waffle cone with a spoon like thingy.

    It could be on the plane since that plate looks more like a little tray.

  4. I don’t know where this is though I don’t think its an airport lounge or on an airplane as you can clearly see a plain paper napkin under the cone as opposed to one that has the company’s name on it. My guess would be a local ice cream shop — anywhere in the world. Lol

  5. Alright – if we are sticking to wild guesses – how about Holly Brown Cafe on Stanley Street in Hong Kong? Or maybe the FC lounge at HK airport – either one would work. The giveaway is the green flat head spoon. Only in South east Asia will find that kind … my $0.2 worth.

  6. FCT- specifically, approximately two feet forward of the bar, on the left-hand side, at the entrance to the restaurant. (We were there a week ago, and my kid kept the spoon-type thing… she pulled it out last night during dessert.)

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