United systemwide upgrades can now be applied through Continental

As of today United systemwide upgrades can be applied on Continental flights, and full functionality should roll out on August 1. This is great news and opens up a lot more destinations for United flyers to use their systemwide upgrades on.

To determine Continental upgrade space you can either call Continental or check availability on their website. To check upgrade availability on their website, click on “advanced search” on the main search page, and then on the next page select “OnePass Reward Upgrade.”

On the next page just tick the box for the flights you want to upgrade.

Then the next page will display whether or not there’s upgrade space availability. If there is confirmable upgrade space, the booking code will show as “R” (as shown below).

If there isn’t confirmable upgrade space, there will be a message in red saying upgrade space is not available.

It’s simple as that!


  1. @ chasgoose — I believe so, though haven’t had time to investigate as I’m about to hop on a flight.

    @ aussie — Yes, you need to book at least a W class ticket.

  2. Haha, I’m laughing at all the CO Plats who have been demanding ‘first born naming rights’ in exchange for one of their beloved SWUs. I hope they got their deals done….

    (yes, I realize, CO SWUs are still a little more valuable because they work on all fares — but I don’t believe it’s double!)

  3. Since that’s a (broken) link to FT that eventually points back to this article, I guess the implication is that this technique can be used before booking. That wasn’t clear to me.

  4. @ boberonicus — Sorry for any confusion, that’s correct. That’s the way to search before the time of booking.

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