Chase Sapphire offering two points per dollar spent on dining, airfare, and hotels!

Wow, maybe the Chase Sapphire card is not only cool but also useful. It appears as if Chase has recently started offering two points per dollar spent on dining, airfare, and hotels.

You can find this new feature if you go to Chase’s website and download the Chase Sapphire Benefits Guide at the bottom right of the page. Then read page four, which lists the new benefit (as shown below).

This is actually huge. I use my American Express Premier Rewards Gold card for airfare (three points per dollar) and gas and groceries (two points per dollar), but am currently earning only one point per dollar spent on hotels and dining.

Beyond that, this is awesome because the Chase Sapphire card doesn’t have any foreign transaction fees, so this is now one of the best cards for international hotel and dining spend. I’ll even be using it for hotels and dining domestically.

For those of you not familiar with Chase Sapphire points, you can transfer the points to British Airways, Continental, and Hyatt, which are probably the best uses.

(Tip of the hat to Rick)


  1. My husband and I just had this discussion yesterday. I’ve been running up a 2 points for every purchase pool with a Capital One Venture card. There’s no fee for the first year and no foreign purchase fees. However, with airfare so expensive right now, it makes more sense to go back to padding the Frontier (former Midwest) card where a round trip ticket costs much less in points that it would even at twice the dollars under the Venture points redemption. I’ve built a good nest there and will keep it for the time I can’t find a carrier under one of our other miles stashes, but combine a reliable 25,000 point pool of tickets with his Summit membership, and it’s an easy choice.

  2. This goes a long ways toward making the card a keeper.

    It doesn’t hurt that it looks cool, either 😉

  3. Based on the wording of the benefit, it looks to me like the airfare/hotel bonus is only given if you make your booking on the website.

    Thanks for the heads up regarding the dining bonus!

  4. @ Henry — That’s what it sounds like, though if you go to page 12 of the brochure which contains the terms and conditions, it suggests that all travel spend earns two points, regardless of where it’s made.

  5. So will Continental disappear once the merger is completed (i.e., United won’t fill its place)?

    That would limit its appeal to me.

  6. I don’t even see Continental being mentioned in the brochure. I currently have a CO PP Chase but with all the changes I will not renew it. This card seems a great option.
    I would still need to purchase a lounge membership (maybe).
    Has CO or UA said anything about this card and its relationship in the future?

  7. I still like the Starwood Amex for domestic Starwood stays due to the bonus for that, which is effectively an additional point, plus the 25% bonus for transfers of 20k increments. This equates to 2.5 points vs 2.14 for Sapphire.

    While I have been using my Chase BA for international spend due to the 1.25 points and no F/X, I will switch to Chase Sapphire given this great deal once I hit my 30k calendar spend for the BA companion award ticket.

  8. I think the CO/UA question is still up in the air though while I know UA use to have one of the hardest programs to transfer miles into in the past I am slightly reassured that there might be some chance at the continuing relationship as this is a Chase card. Chase of course is the bank behind both the CO and the UA legacy cards and the new UA Explorer card. While CO and AMEX have been very clear about their relationship coming to an end in the next quarter we have not heard the same talk from Chase.

  9. Also, it is kind of strange some of the marketing terms they are using. When you book travel through UR you get a 25% bonus on the points you have. 50,000 points can be redeemed for travel valued at $625 instead of only $500 (500*1.25=625). They call it this in some marketing material though at other times they say you get to save 20% of the cost. Which is also true, though doesn’t sound as good. $625*.8=$500.
    That link is an example or where you get the 25% bonus.

    If you look in the Benefits Guide it talks about how you can save 20%

  10. I have a Citi no annual fee card that gives 5x points on dining. So for me, it’s 5 Thank You points/dollar with a no annual fee Citi card or 2.14 Ultimate Rewards points/dollar with this card.

    After $2000 dining, I can get $100 toward airfare with Citi or 4,280 UR points which translate to about $53 in airfare. Or am I missing something?

  11. Thanks for the information. I must admit I have been a little delinquent about being so knowledgeable about the benefits with my card. Thanks again.

  12. @ AK — You’re not missing anything, in that instance your card would be better. As an all around card, though, I find the Chase Sapphire card to be pretty good.

  13. looks like a great card, my only problem with chase is the CS it is the worst I have experienced by far, this is why I always do my spending and put them away.

  14. Chase sapphire’s hidden treasure, IMO, is the points mall. I need to buy an xbox this month. I can get 10 pts per $ buying it through Sears in the points mall. If I spend 400 on the purchase that equals 4000 from the points mall plus 400 for the actual card spend for a total of 4400. Add to that the annual dividend of 308 now I’m up to 4708. On travel that equals $58 in travel for a 400 spend. Not bad if you ask me!

  15. I also forgot to mention that I can buy the sears gift cards for 10 pts per dollar and use them at sears, Kmart, or lands end. I have a Sears lacally that I can use for toiletries, basic household goods, toys, and some groceries.

  16. Oops! That’s what I get for typing with a child on my lap. I meant I had a Kmart locally for those purchases…and I’ll be shopping Sears for back to school clothes they sell the Lands End line right in the Sears stores now!

  17. Costo Amex:
    3% on Dining and Gas
    2% on Travel (Hotels, Rental Cars)
    1% on everything else

    Its straight cash back that comes in the form of a Costco check, but they will convert it to cash at the membership counter if you want.

    I haven’t found anything to beat that overall…

  18. Will one get the 50,000 bonus for a Sapphire Card if you have another Chase product, such as the United Mileage Plus?

  19. Jack in the Box was also impressed when I handed them my card and they commented on how heavy it was.

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