Save on airline taxes with Delta and United for now (among others, maybe?)

Due to the mess in Washington and some airline taxes that have expired, it appears as if it’s possible to purchase airline tickets for the time being without paying most taxes. Therefore aside from the passenger facility charge and September 11 security fee, the airlines aren’t charging any taxes on domestic tickets.

Now, in the case of Delta and United, it’s as simple as it sounds. Most other airlines, however, have raised their base fares to compensate for the tax elimination. I’m sure they’re loving this mess in Washington!

There’s no knowing for how long Delta and United won’t raise their fares for, so if you need to make a booking, this would be a good time. Of course that assumes you can find a halfway decent fare, which I sure as heck haven’t been able to do lately.


  1. There are some good MR fares between ORD-SFO/LAX in August. I’m bummed I bought one last week, the same flight is $25 cheaper now.

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