Hyatt turns heat lamps on picketing workers

The Park Hyatt Chicago is under a bit of heat (no pun attended) after workers picketed on Thursday morning at 5AM. It was already an incredibly hot day, around 90 degrees, and at 7AM management decided to turn on the heat lamps in front of the hotel usually used to warm the hotel in winter.

It’s not really a surprise who did it:

The manager responsible for the decision was scheduled to retire, and Friday was to be his last day, said Farley Kern, vice president of corporate communications, in a e-mail. “If that hadn’t been the case, we would have taken corrective action matching the seriousness of the conduct,” Kern wrote.

I suppose that’s one way to get rid of picketers…


  1. Thats a very inhuman thing to do knowing it will cause discomfort to another human being. The retiree has no sense of remorse or compassion.

  2. Nor are the picketers. They have no compassion for the business they work for. It’s a 2 way street.

  3. Not inhuman at all. Nobody MADE the picketers stand out there, they weren’t being forced to stand their against their will. Give me a break. Good move by the Hotel.

  4. There are always two sides to a dispute and we’re not hearing what the complaints of the picketers were. I don’t normally side with the unions but, with a manager like the one who switched on the lights, I would not be surprised to hear some stories of all sorts of mistreatment.

  5. If they do not like their jobs, they should quit. Many others are willing to take those jobs. Great job, Hyatt!

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