100 ANA miles (possibly) for completing a survey

According to Frequently Flying, ANA has sent out a survey to select Mileage Club members offering 100 miles for completing a survey.

Now, the survey itself doesn’t explicitly mention the 100 bonus miles, but Darren posted the screenshot and it didn’t indicate it was targeted.

What makes this useful is that ANA has one of the best Star Alliance award search tools, though last year they changed rules to only allow members with miles in their account to search for award availability. While there’s a workaround, the 100 miles in your account would mean you’d have full access to the tool without any extra work.


  1. I was too afraid to link to the survey directly in fear they’d pull it down if it showed coming from something other than the direct link.

    The only stipulation in the terms was that it was “sent to select” AMC members and multiple tries for the 100 miles would be caught and refused. Given it’s a third party vendor doing the survey (by the link address), I doubted they’d catch that. Hope it works for all that take it!

  2. I received this yesterday and completed survey. I will be needing to use the ANA search tool again soon, and was being lazy about trying the workaround. Good timing!

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