Kingfisher’s hiring flight attendants — check out the job description!

It’s always interesting to note the different approaches airlines take to hiring flight attendants. Here in the US everything is safety focused, while Kingfisher is honest about what they’re looking for in hiring flight attendants. Check out their hiring page, which describes what they’re looking for in candidates:

Inviting “Flying Models” who exude charm, vibrance & professionalism. Females with a zest to serve and prime concern for the safety of our Guests on board. Candidates must possess outgoing personality and the ability to work in a team environment. Application must be accompanied with a passport size & full length photograph
Key Job Requirements:
• Female candidates (Age between 18-27 years)
• Minimum educational qualification: HSC.
• Minimum height 158 cms (5’3″) / Maximum height 178 cms (5’10”).
• Weight – As per airline standards.
• Fluent in English and Hindi.
• Medically fit to meet airline crew requirements.

Interesting stuff!

(Tip of the hat to Scott)


  1. Wow. I don’t believe the requirements regarding gender, age, height, and either of the photographs would even be legal in the US! And depending on the “airline standards”, that might be illegal too.

    Interesting … very interesting!

    So, Ben, have you flown Kingfisher to verify all the requirements are being met??? 😀

  2. Accompanying a photograph with a resume is quite common India. The USA is beyond pussified in many respects, in particular, anything regarding appearance. We have to be, though. As the majority is increasingly… umm.. large!

  3. In the early days, Kingfisher required their “Flying Models” to parade before their chairman in swimsuits as a condition of being hired. They stopped doing that after a couple of sexual assault lawsuits. They still refer to the crew as “Flying Models” rather than “Cabin Crew” or “Flight Attendants” on board however.

  4. Well, Nancy, the owner of the airline does run one of India’s largest liquor companies, so perhaps the pilots are just partaking in other parts of the business.

    As for the general post, the Chairman is a little creepy. As part of the welcome message onboard, he says that he “personally” interviewed all the cabin crew. Can’t help but think of a casting couch.

    But, to be a dog for a second, the flight attendants are generally quite attractive, and some are absolute lookers.

  5. I had the pleasure of flying kingfisher a couple of times and their “flying models” are absolutely brilliant with service in mind to make the flight really good.

    As Ian says, the welcome video claims that the chairman has interviewed them personally.

    And don’t get me started on the service if you fly “Kingfisher first”, porters at curb side (loading bags out of the car), lounge access and brilliant service on board.

    Not to mention the absolutely perfect care their “ground models” are providing to non-natives if they connect for example, I’m always picked up at the gate and escorted to connection check-in, picked up at the other end to be escorted to the lounge and escorted from the lounge to the aircraft.

    I love Kingfisher airlines.

  6. hehe all the more reason to fly these International carriers….the classiness of these flight attendant women with accents always intrigues me and makes me feel good about flying….of course, the wife doesnt agree though..

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