United’s iPhone app now displays upgrade lists!

For all the negatives we’ve seen with the merger, here’s some certifiably awesome news — United’s new iPhone app displays upgrade lists for flights within 24 hours, much like Continental has for years!

Just log onto the app, select “Flight Status,” enter the information for your preferred flight, click the “Upgrade List” tab, and voila.

Who doesn’t love a bit of transparency?

The one major downside to the app is that it loudly plays Rhapsody in Blue when it starts up. Seriously?


  1. A minor annoyance (for a UA flyer): When you select “Flight Status”, the default is for CO flights. Can’t see where that can be changed. Oh well, hopefully needing to select one or the other will be OBE soon.

  2. jmd,
    That is the first thing I noticed also. Right above the flight number text field there is a tab bar with CO and UA tabs, just his the UA one. And turning your phone on vibrate (which is it’s permanent state in my case) will stop the sound from playing.

  3. Now United should make this App available for Nokia’s Symbian OS users via the Ovi store and for Android as well. Nokia has a good portion of the global mobile handset market in the world, but it is not as well known in the US.

  4. Does anyone know more about the back end of UA’s upgrade and availability system? Why, even with the information being pulled into this app, can they still not indicate how many seats are (potentially) available like CO does?

    Don’t get me wrong, this is a huge improvement, but sometimes #3 on the list is great, and sometimes it’s forget about it.

  5. DL – I don’t know how to check seat availability with the app, but if you log onto United’s Web site and have your profile set to “advanced”, you can see seat availability (F, XF, NF, etc.).

  6. Ben, I, as a longtime loyal United flyer LOVE the Rhapsody in Blue. C’mon, I know that you do too. Sure, it’s a tad embarrassing when you start the app up in a public space, but I am very happy that the new United is sticking with Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue (and I know you are, too)! On another note, as a Droid user, I sure hope that United develops a Droid app…and soon!

  7. Flight status also shows “ship numbers”…pretty cool! Now I don’t have to use pda.continental.com

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