“Like” American Express on Facebook and get cash back at select merchants

American Express is offering cardmembers that “like” them on Facebook exclusive offers at select retailers through their “Link, Like, Love” promotion. Once you “like” them on Facebook you’ll be prompted to allow their app access to your account, and link your preferred American Express card to this promotion.

Then you’ll be given a variety of promotions, primarily in the form of cashback on your next statement, including:

  • $2 cashback when you spend $10 at Dunkin Donuts
  • $40 cashback when you spend $100 at Westin Hotel
  • $40 cashback when you spend $100 at Sheraton hotel
  • $10 cashback when you spend $25 at Outback Steakhouse
  • $5 cashback when you spend $20 at Whole Foods

The only downside of this is that I used my American Express instead of Chase Sapphire Preferred card at Dunkin Donuts this morning, and they weren’t nearly as impressed. šŸ™

(Tip of the hat to Gary)


  1. Thepointguy reported that, there is $40 posted on your statementn if you spent $100 or more @Sheraton or @Westin. Check it out.

  2. Is anyone else concerned about their privacy with this FB app? Here’s what it requests access to, and why does AMEX need to know my location and my friend’s information???

    Taken verbatim from the FB page:
    – Access my basic information
    Includes name, profile picture, gender, networks, user ID, list of friends, and any other information I’ve shared with everyone.
    – Access my data any time
    Amex: Link, Like, Love may access my data when I’m not using the application

    – Check-ins
    Amex: Link, Like, Love may read my check-ins.
    Access my profile information
    Likes, Music, TV, Movies, Books, Quotes and – Interests
    – Access my friends’ information
    Likes, Music, TV, Movies, Books, Quotes and Interests

  3. @ Dan — This seems to be for US issued cards only.

    @ jsgoldbe — Maybe I’m naive, but I have no problem giving Amex whatever info they want. I’m pretty sure they have just about all of it already!

  4. Not working for AUS issued cards either.

    Was hoping it would as have to make a booking at a Westin property this week!

  5. Is there a max amount of offers you can link to your card? Can I take advanatge of dunkin donuts, the westin, and outback etc… or is there a max?

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