1. I didn’t want to leave this on TravelSort attached to my Facebook, but here’s my suggestion for a great value award:

    35,000 Continental/United miles for business class, intra-South Asia

    45,000 Continental/United miles for business class, North Asia-South Asia

    That’s less than what it costs for a USA first class ticket, and you could theoretically do this itinerary:


    With flights on OZ, TG, and SQ, and (de-facto) two stopovers (since as long as you have the visa for China, SZX isn’t too far away from Hong Kong), I’d say this is a lot better value than even a p.s. redemption on UA. You just have to get to Seoul from the US first, if you’re US-based. Buy some US Dividend Miles for that. 😉

  2. Does JJ award space actually exist? There seemed to be lots of availability for a couple weeks after they joind *A, but I haven’t found any available award seats since.

  3. This is a pretty neat summary, Ben.

    I think one thing is worth pointing out regarding the BA awards to Asia. The main restriction there is that you can only use one airline, which basically means you can only make 1 stop at some airline’s hub. However, you can book the roundtrip as two separate one-ways and use two different airlines. This way you get a stopover in two different cities, and even an open jaw if you want one. I recently booked ORD-HKG-TPE on CX and TPE-KIX-NRT-ORD on JAL. So I actually get 3 stopovers (calling Osaka a separate stopover might be a bit of a stretch, haha).

    Also, the fees on CX were tolerable ($200 oneway), while the fees on JAL ended up being $400+ oneway. So this is a little costlier than just booking everything on CX and going via HKG twice, but I think it’s worth the extra $200.

  4. Great article. I have a question about using BA miles on LAN to South America with unlimited stops. I know travel has to only be on one airline. Does LAN include LAN Ecuador? I would like to do book JFK-GYE-LIM-SCL-IPC.

  5. @ Gene — It’s definitely not as great as it used to be, though it’s still there. I find MCO to have the best availability.

    @ egwg — Yes, all the LAN “alliance” airlines qualify as a single airline for the purposes of this. The same goes for Dragonair and Cathay Pacific.

  6. Is it difficult to find 2 seats to Easter Island in business? Does anyone have experience with availability? Or is it just 1 seat per flight?
    Thank you.

  7. Great article. I especially like the redemption value for the CO/UA to Asia over the atlantic. Quick question though, I think my understanding is that routings are NOT restricted to Europe. One could fly from North America with stop over in South Africa and then onward to Thailand on one ticket, correct? If so, a lot of SA would be in business, so is it worth it to just book an award for business or book first and forfeit the legs that would be in business only?

  8. @ Lance — In most cases that wouldn’t be possible. United determines the validity of a routing based on the MPM, and in almost all cases, going via South Africa would exceed the MPM. There aren’t many three cabin products featuring first class to South Africa, so if you can make it work, you’re probably best off in business class.

  9. For your 12 South American readers 🙂 – I was all fired up about the LAN SCL-IPC-PPT award in Business for 80k RT but they only seem to release indiv. seats at the 120k level.

  10. Whoops – thats just for IPC-PPT RT. Nevermind (still not bad at 40k Starpoints transferred for 12 hours in the air).

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