Amazing sale: $150 for the Tumi Voyageur Avignon Carry-On

This is truly a spectacular deal. Bloomingdale’s is selling the Tumi Voyageur Avignon 20″ carry-on for $178.99. This bag normally sells for $495 (and that’s not some gimmick price — that’s what Tumi sells it for directly). Beyond that, if you use the promotion code SURVEY, you can get an additional $50 off. That brings the price down to $128.99, plus $13 shipping and taxes, for a grand total of about $150.

All the reviews I’ve read of the bag are top notch, so if you’re in the market for a new bag, jump on this. Heck, I’m not even in the market for a new bag (I have about three carry-ons as it is), but I’m picking one up anyway, since it’ll be great for family members traveling with me, or as a backup.


  1. What makes this so great? It looks like a relatively standard nylon wheeled carryon, perhaps with a couple extra pockets. Of course for such a bag, one would expect $150 to be the full MSRP, not some super-secret discounted sale price. The material does not look particularly durable, and the zippers are narrow and do not inspire longevity.

    For $495 MSRP, I would expect something that vastly exceeded my run-of-the-mill LL-Bean carry-on:

  2. Canada, Asia or EU — bad news…they will not ship.
    I tried all 3 addresses and received the message;

    The product is over the weight and size limitations.

    So, USA only.

  3. Hmm, May be good deal for many but I will pass. I rather pick 5 x $30 bags. My conservative guess says 5 should last me 15+ years. They Swiss Army or Eddie B ones usually on clearance in Target are sufficient in Qlty.

  4. Whoops, looks like AA shopping is now down to 2 miles per dollar but CO shopping offers 6 miles per dollar if you have a CO credit card and get in before the double miles promo ends.

  5. Tumi makes absolutely crap quality wheeled luggage. Computer bags are alright but anything with wheels is the pits. Stick with Briggs & Riley.

  6. Hey Ben,

    I showed my wife this bag I just purchased. She wanted to know if you have the same deal for Armani suits?!!!

  7. I couldn’t find the actual weight of this item anywhere in the description, on either the Bloomingdales or Tumi website.

  8. I just bought one, thanks Ben…Anyone who thinks that a $30 carry-on roller can do is exactly what the Tumi’s can is not a very frequent traveler, or at least not a frequent business traveler.

  9. I ordered one of these when Amazon had much of its Tumi on sale for 50% last December. I returned it because the outer material looks very cheap.

  10. Purchase through FatWallet’s cashback portal for a 5% rebate. I’ve shopped “clickthrough” with FW for years and always get the kickback.

  11. Got one for $141 all in, plus 6X Continental miles. Only one more day for the CO double miles promotion. Many thanks, Lucky.

  12. Got one – been waiting for a TUMI deal – have seen this “series” in stores in other color – probably not as durable as the Alpha collection but more “stylish”.

  13. Thanks a lot. I didn’t really need one right now but 2 of my carry ons get a little old and worn so the deal came at the right time.
    Only issue I have with Tumi is that they don’t give life time warranty anymore. I sent my old backpack to them 2 times and got it back fully repaired each time.

  14. I believe Tumi Owns briggs, could be a rebrand of one of those bags. This def doesn’t look anything like the balistic Tumi main line. Bag is also only 20″, I prefer 22″ which is still find in overheads. For 150$ one probably can’t go too wrong, but agree with above posters, I find a 75-100 travelpro or other bag lasts about a decade with about 750Kmiles on it. Heck, I even continue to use a TP that I have put at least 2M on.

  15. I really don’t think that is such a great deal. I personally prefer some of the samsonite or travelpro products better. I find them more durable and the integrity of the roller wheels is much better. Thanks.

  16. The Tumi is sold out apparently, but the Delsey bags are on sale. I use their “Helium Superlite” 22″ Expandable Carry-On and it’s fantastic. Super-light and very durable wheels and handle. Bloomingdale’s has it for $130.00.

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