Awesome or creepy? You decide!

A reader sent along a link to a YouTube channel for a guy that makes videos of his flights. The reader suggested this was downright creepy, so I couldn’t help but take a look. Now, there are a few people that seem to make video trip reports and I really enjoy them. This particular person, however, has a lot more video of the actual crew interactions, which on one hand is cool, but on the other hand I can definitely see why someone might find this creepy. And this is coming from the guy that takes 100 pictures per flight. šŸ˜‰

For example, check out this Emirates video he made:

The walk to the lounge, his walk through the galley, the interactions with the crew during meal service — cool or creepy?

And I’m not meaning to pick on this guy here, because he seems really nice and I assume the crew could “opt out” if they wanted to. Then again, Emirates is the airline that requires their flight attendants to accept business cards or phone numbers from passengers…


  1. Hahaha…ya I’ve seen this guy’s videos before. It’s cool in the fact that you kind of get to experience the flight through the video, but if I were a crew member working the flight I’d definitely be annoyed that someone was filming me.

  2. It’s creepy AWESOME.

    Largely because I’d never have the nerve to do this, I wouldn’t WANT to do this, I try to be much more discrete with my picture taking.

    Still, as neat as these are I don’t think they’re really painting an actual portrayal either, set to music and seemingly edited only to show high points.

    How weird is it that I actually recognize some airline staff in his videos? ::shudder::

  3. I wouldn’t say creepy, but at least eccentric. Me, I would rather be enjoying myself than worrying about trying to get it all on film.

  4. seems kind of creepy to me….

    …hopefully he asked the crew’s permission before filming

  5. This has all the makings of a low budget porn…cheesy music and humorous interactions “Is this what I ordered?”, “Tell me what this is?”

  6. Really creepy…. The music and subtitles make me really uncomfortable just watching it. Wonder if the cabin crew see how he portrays them (one of the ones I saw – Dubai to bangkok he wad saying how much of a flirt a crew member was and slow mo-ed her smile to music. Gross)

  7. @ Seth — ROFL!!! Read this as I was on the phone booking a ticket for someone, and I literally burst out in laughter. “Please be my guide.”

  8. +1 to Seth & Gary LOL

    Hilarious – for me it was kind of like a trainwreck, it made my uncomfortable and want to squirm but I at the same time I couldn’t tear my eyes away

  9. Yeah, it’s definitely the porno music that brings this to a whole new echelon of creepiness.

  10. I did not see anything that creepy, although the music does add a certain level of cheese to the production value. I actually found some of it interesting, especially since I have never flown Emirates.

  11. Not really creepy–a lot of cultural differences at play. Seems like a “businessman’s lounge” anywhere in Asia. Harmless fun.

  12. I knew who you were talking about before I even played the video. Saw his Thai F class video. Yes, I find it all a little creepy.


  13. Nothing creepy about this – seemed more like an informational video. For those of us who don’t get to fly first class it is a glimpse into that part of the flight. Also he is enthusiastic about his flight – there are some of us who can’t wait to get off the plane. This flight attendants are pretty – if Emirates is reading šŸ™‚

  14. Take out the porn music and dirty old man flirting, and it’s actually a good trip report. Plus, credit to the crew. I’ve heard some less than flattering things about Emirates’ FAs lately, and they seem like a decent bunch. Hell, they deserve an award just for putting up with him lol I mean, some of it can be taken waaaay out of context…”She knew hot to do it…and was lovin in :)”….

  15. He is the poster child for why Emirates meal services take so bloody long. Just eat your damn food and leave the crew alone.

  16. Interesting insight. I would never do that or bother the crew. A quiet passenger here. I guess no harm done so look at it more as an insight into how this passenger views in-flight service. If I was sitting close to him or beside him, I wouldn’t enjoy the narrative and filming.

  17. Not a bad video. Would have left out the little rolling blurbs and a little too much focus on the alcoholic beverages.

  18. Way creepy, leave his voice off and change the porn music, and it wouldn’t be half bad. But the way it is now, totally gross!

  19. You never know, this could be a paid advertisement for Emirates. Someone is deciding what to fly and they come across this video, could influence their decision to fly Emirates

  20. At first I thought it was just kinda weird/cute, but then he started in with the red hearts fading in over the flight attendant’s face, and then ‘Can’t Fight the Moonlight’ started…

    Gives ‘C’ class a whole new meaning LOL

  21. I looked at this person’s other You Tube videos, and he provides similar content for Lufthansa and other airlines. It provides a good insight into the C & F travel experiences.

  22. I have to agree with Gary…creepy AWESOME! Personally I think the editing does more for the creepy, but you just cant beat video to convey a message. I see why you all are always trying to get into 1st and bus class…holy hell that looks awesome!

  23. Emirates prides itself on its grand service, so I expect nothing else from these flight attendants. I found the video to be tasteful and informative—I would love to do something similar….I dare someone to do that on a UAL transatlantic flight ehhehe and watch the ugliness come out!
    Good Job on the video and the Emirates cabin! Always wondered about that…thanks!

  24. I thought it was entertaining, but it would not be enjoyable if it’s at the expense of making the cabin crew uncomfortable. Makes me want to try Emirates out.

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