Starwood now offering 250 points per Facebook check-in

Back in May I posted about Starwood offering 250 points for checking in at one of their hotels with Foursquare in conjunction with a confirmed reservation through July 31. Well, Starwood has expanded this offer to include checking in with Facebook as well. Through July 31 you can earn 250 points by checking in through Facebook in conjunction with a confirmed reservation.

You can check-in through both Foursquare and Facebook for each reservation, for a total of 500 points per stay.

In order to qualify you have to sign-in and link your Starwood account with your Facebook and/or Foursquare account.


  1. Don’t (won’t) do Facebook. I guess I’m SOL. Not a big fan of Starwood, so I guess we’re even. -C.

  2. The T&C state award reservations also earn points. I have not received FourSquare check-in points for any of my award stays I have had since May.

    One more thing to follow-up on with SPG.

    Also T&C state you can only have one Facebook or FourSquare check-in per 24 hour period.

  3. My error on the last statement of my previous comment. After reading the FlyerTalk thread I see you can get both Facebook and FourSquare credit.

    My brain is tired today after hiking at 10,000+ feet the past two days.

  4. You cannot earn points for checking in with Foursqare AND Facebook… Terms & Conditions: “Starpoints bonuses will only be awarded to registered users who check in using the foursquare or Facebook mobile phone apps. See foursquare 250 Bonus Starpoints, SPG foursquare Sweepstakes and Facebook 250 Bonus Starpoints for terms, conditions and full details.”

    It says Foursquare OR Facebook.. bummer.. wish it was both

  5. Does anybody know how to do SPG check-in on FB? They seemed to miss the most important part!

  6. I spent last night at a Starwood Hotel and I spent over an hour this morning trying to figure out how to checkin using Facebook.

    Appears you need an app and I paid 99 cents for the Facebook Places app, but now it has totally screwed up Facebook on my phone and won’t work at all.

    FourSquare seems much easier to me.

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