30 day Admirals Club membership now available for $99

Hardly earth shattering, though American has introduced a new 30 day Admirals Club pass, for those of you that don’t have an American Express Platinum card (which comes with access to Admirals Clubs).

The 30 day pass comes with unlimited entries for you and two guests (or immediately family) for $99.

Now, on a pro-rated basis this is an awful deal compared to an annual membership, which ranges in price from $350 to $500, though keep in mind that a day pass costs $50. So if two people were to buy day passes, you’d already be ahead with this monthly pass, and still have 29 days of membership.

If you have one or two trips planned on American in a month, especially if you’re traveling with someone else, this is probably worth taking advantage of.

One last thing to keep in mind is that if you buy a day pass, American will let you apply the amount paid towards an annual membership. With this monthly pass, on the other hand, no credit would be applied to an annual membership, though you would qualify for the renewal rate, which is $50 less than the rate for new members.


  1. Quick question, Lucky… do you need to be flying American that day in order to use the lounge, or does this give you access no matter what airline you’re using?

  2. The other thing to note that as a “member” you get free wifi plus the admirals’s club angels which you don’t get with an amex.

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