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Oh, the irony! Delta will be leading a webinar on “Best Practices for Becoming a Top Performing Website.” Someone tell me this is a joke. Please?

Well, in a way, I guess it makes sense. I would assume that having a functioning award calendar (or for that matter the ability to search award space on more of their partners) doesn’t contribute to “top performing.” Seriously though, this is roughly equivalent to me giving a webinar on Motel 6’s loyalty program (do they even have one?).


  1. Delta has been doing some aggressive things in terms of eCommerce sales features, etc. Sadly, the loyalty program/award booking has been left out of much of the progress DL has made. (RIP nwa.com)

  2. I laughed when I saw this too, but in terms of overall functionality, I can’t think of a better airline website. Lots of websites do one thing really well (CO’s flight status, VX’s hip factor), but DL probably has the closest thing to full functionality that I can think of.

  3. Remember… business goals don’t always = award bookings.

    From the compuware write up:

    What You Will Learn:
    Our featured speaker, Faiz Ahmad, Director of eCommerce Channels at Delta Air Lines, will share Delta’s best practices for maintaining a top performing website that achieves their business goals.

  4. @Brian only kinda sorta, there’s a current PROMO allowing A|Club redemption with Motel 6.

    @lucky indeed, when we view the Delta award calendar as as a bug, they likely view it as a feature… 🙂

  5. I think DL’s website is better than UA or AA. Of course, that isn’t saying much. CO’s is decent in some areas.

  6. UA’s award search is pretty crappy too — I’ll admit. But the one thing is does show, with high accuracy, is availability of UA flights.

    Showing your own inventory seems like the minimum level for award search, and Delta cannot even get that right.

  7. You need to take a step back and re-evaluate from an overall functionality and usability point of view.

    DL’s website is bar-none the best airline website I’ve ever used. Everybody may love to harp on the award calendar issue, but other than that, their website is frickin amazing — especially when compared to AA or UA. Continental may give them a run for their money (in my experience), but I still think DL wins.

    The award calendar is such a minor experience of the overall website, and besides, it’s more a function of DL’s internal policies on award availability than the ability of the site to function

  8. I agree with FM – I flew United a ton, and .bomb was horrible. Delta is crisp and pretty often I see more features introduced regularly. I love the delta iphone app, changing seats on it, flying through the airport. That’s driven by technology changes they make as a choice for resources of time and money. I can spend time on the calendar, and find the awards, it’s tedious but United was never fantastic to start with. Delta saves me time on all my trips with their technology, not just the award trips which I am happy with.

    @DeltaAssist on twitter has been around long before any others went down the path, and another way of improving my experience with the airline I have to fly living in Atlanta.

    Tired of hearing about the award calendar band wagon, it’s old news, like *A blocking with United. Award calendar is small functionality compared to the total experience. Please let the delta award calendar die, it’s old news. Until they change the RM portion of it, the website won’t matter anyways.

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